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Sobella Pillow

Sobella Pillow Sobella Pillow Sobella Pillow Sobella Pillow Sobella Pillow Sobella Pillow
Sobella Pillow
Sobella Pillow
$40.99 - $46.99
Lofty and luxurious, this perfect pillow for side sleepers is super-plush and supportive. Made from hypollergenic polyester fill and 300 thread count 100% cotton, you'll sleep like a baby in easy comfort with just the right amount of restful support. A lovely geometric box design on the ticking is a luxurious touch to finish off this premium hotel-resort quality pillow.

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Lofty and luxurious, this perfect pillow for side sleepers is super-plush and supportive. Made from hypollergenic polyester fill and 300 thread count 100% cotton, you'll sleep like a baby in easy comfort with just the right amount of restful support. A lovely geometric box design on the ticking is a luxurious touch to finish off this premium hotel-resort quality pillow.

Our Sobella Pillow is Ideal for Side Sleepers

Product Features

  • - lofty pillow preferred by side sleepers
  • - hypoallergenic polyester filling
  • - 300 thread count, 100% cotton for quality, durability and comfort
  • - Attractive dobby box geometric pattern design
  • - Virgin .9 dernier microfiber for fine, soft support

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  • Juliann Petticrew

    I used these pillows for a night in a hotel that we visited. I thought they were great. I ordered 2 and was so excited to get them. Little did I know is that you can’t use them everyday. They crumbled inside like bleu cheese. They are lumpy in areas and flat in others. They have been thrown in the trash. So sad that we spent so much money on these only to be completely disappointed.

  • Debbie Hamilton

    Best pillow I’ve ever used!!! Stayed at the Hard Rock which uses them,came home ordered my own!! Awesome, soft and cozy!!! Highly recommend!!!!

  • Sarah

    The pillow I received was not "perfect for side sleepers." It was super fluffy, but I don't want fluffy - I want firm. I want a pillow that will support my head.

    This pillow did not support my head. When I put my hand under the pillow to try to increase the support a little, I could feel my hand with my cheek *through the pillow* (and also feel my cheek with my hand). That is not the sign of a firm pillow.

    I have left a message for customer service but no one has gotten back to me yet.

  • Barbara Gutlove

    My family traveled aboard the Norwegian Encore cruise and I couldn’t believe how peacefully I slept! After taking down the info, I ordered the sobel pillows and they are truly amazing!!! Perfect for side sleepers. Highly recommend!!! (I bought two!)

  • Dr. Renny Domske

    I have bought so many pillows. It seems like I have been trying out pillows for years! When I discovered this Sobel pillow at a hotel in Asheville, NC, I wrote down all the pertinent info and ordered the pillows when I returned home to Pennsylvania. The pillow is great! My quest to find the perfect pillow is completed!

  • Bonnye

    This is a very nice pillow, however it was not what I wanted to order...I am a side sleeper and it broke my neck...After two nights I gave up...But it IS a very nice pillow...

  • Robin Allen

    Very soft, had to return

  • Emmett

    I am surprised to see all these reviews saying that the sobella's they ordered were not the same as the hotel pillow that inspired them to purchase one. Far and away the best pillow I've ever used. Made it a point to take the case off of the one I slept on at Red Lion in Kelso Washington to find the tag because I HAD to have one of my own. I cannot see any difference between the ones I ordered and the one at the hotel. I know some pillow companies let you customize the amount of stuffing or how full/firm the pillow is when you order it. I never bothered to look into it that closely but perhaps the unsatisfied customers should have just ordered a firmer option.

  • Michelle

    I went to Branson with my sisters/mom. The first night we slept, we all woke up with the same comments about how great of a night we slept because of these pillows. We all came back home and all of us ordered your pillows. I’m a side sleeper so these pillows are great for me. However my husband is a back sleeper, he’s not a big fan of his pillow yet. But he is giving it a try! Customer service was awesome over the phone. Will be purchasing again, if need to!

  • Zeke

    Well I ordered two pillows thinking they would rock because of the ones at Disney World but these suck. My wife can’t even sleep with them. She’s a side sleeper and I and a back sleeper. They are VERY firm. Oh well I guess I will just have to buy some from a store in town. I hope you guys have better luck

  • Pam

    I spent a weekend at a resort in Branson and they had these pillows. Me, my sisters and mother were impressed with the bedding and pillows. So we all came home and ordered them. We are very happy with them and the company’s customer service.

  • donna

    I slept on these pillows at a Choctaw Casino on OK. They are the best pillows. I ordered two queens when I got home, they are good pillows but I can feel/see a difference in the two. One seems to be a bit fuller than the other. I love snuggling with a pillows I am going to order a king to see if the quality is as good as the queens.

  • Lucy Johnson

    Like other customers, I was looking for the pillow from our Red Lion Hotel. This is NOT NOT that firm, awesome pillow. This is an expensive-cheap pillow.

  • Karen

    Bought these because I thought they were the same as the ones we had on a vacation. Although I like a soft pillow, this is a sinker and I mean right to the mattress. Holds no shape at all. Very disappointed

  • Jay Mazer

    I slept on a Sobella pillow in Savannah. When I got home went to web site and ordered 2 King and1 standard pillow. When I received them they were not the same. We even called Sobella and asked which pillow did they sell to the De Soto. We ordered the same ones. I called Sobella after a few day thinking maybe they would change. The said these were the same ones and I could return for a refund. The cost is the shipping was very expensive. Explained this to whom ever I spoke to and she said either return for refund or keep them. Very poor customer service. I would advise anyone not to buy these pillows if you are thinking they will be like the ones you slept on I the hotel. The ones at the hotel were firm which is what what we wanted. We got soft mushy pillows.

  • Rick

    I’ve spent a fortune on pillows in my life and never found “the pillow”. Years ago while on vacation in Daytona Beach for Biketoberfest we stayed in the Penthouse at Ocean Walk Resort and the pillows were amazing! Sobel Sobella Pillows! I immediately ordered them and have loved them ever since! Simply the best!

  • Betsy

    Was on the Royal Princess Cruise Line to Alaska. I brought my pillow from home gotta have my pillow. Our pillows in our Stateroom were Sobel's I found the tag inside the pillow. I was amazed on how comfortable these pillows are and I am now going to purchase one. I have been reading the reviews and I hope I am not disappointed. Very comfortable and I am a side sleeper. Wish me luck!

  • Laura

    I discovered these pillows at a hotel years ago and I love them! I bought them for my bed only and then my kids decided they loved them so I bought them for their beds. Then my sister stayed at my house and she also fell in love with them! I am finally ordering them for my guest bedroom so my guests will have the best pillows!!

  • Susan

    I have spent a fortune in pillows , these by far are the worst I have ever slept on .

  • Sage

    Fluff and firmness seems to vary from pillow to pillow. I'm enjoying this pillow at the Red Lion enough to find it online. We have two standard sizes on our hotel bed. As a chronic neck and head pain sufferer, I'm very sensitive to changes in pressure and firmness, and finding the right pillow is a nightmare. This pillow is, so far, great. I want to order a set for our bed at home. However, I have to question QC because of all the reviews that said they got a different pillow than the one ppl slept on AND the very real fact that one of the two on my hotel bed right now is much, much softer than the other. Again, same brand, same tag, same size, but two different fluffs and softness levels. Customer is responsible for shipping on returns, so I'm on the fence, but wanted to share my real experience with this pillow.

  • Nancy

    I absolutely love these pillows, bought 2 for me and 2 for family members. We all love them!! if you like super firm these aren't for you. They are more Medium and you can adjust for your comfort level. I will be purchasing more for my guest rooms so everyone is comfy :)

  • Mindy Kaye

    I tried submitting a one-star review, but it would not go through. The pillows I ordered ($90 total) were NOTHING like what we had at the Red Lion, even though it was supposed to be the same brand.

  • Mindy Kaye

    The pillows I ordered were NOTHING like the ones we had at Red Lion, even though it was supposed to be the same brand.

  • Mindy Kaye

    I ordered a few pillows because I thought the Sobel pillows at Red Lion were the best. However, what we received was NOTHING like what we had at the motel.

  • Betty

    I recently stayed at Lodge of the Ozarks in Branson, MO. They had the Sobella pillows! OMG! I have never slept on a pillow this comfortable! I have a lot of problems with my neck but slept like a baby on the Sobella pillow. I even took off the pillow cover to find out what type of pillows they were! First day back home, I ordered 2 of these pillows! I am beyond pleased with the comfort of these pillows! LOVE THEM!

  • Gianna

    Sobella pillow no better than a 10$ pillow . My head sinks right away like
    Not sleeping on anything ! Made large purchase and everything low quality but too expensive to return. I see they take off the bad reviews and only leave a few good ones so customers are truly deceived &
    Have to pay large return shipping. Do not buy from here !

  • Steph Kolodge

    Spent a long weekend in Las Vegas, the hotel had 4 of the king size pillows on each bed. I made sure to look at the brand of pillows as I left as I thought the pillows were SOOO comfortable. These replaced my old pillows 2 weeks after I got home!

  • Valerie

    The place I discovered this fabulous pillow was at the Country Inn of Lancaster! Will be replacing all of my pillows! The best pillow I’ve ever slept on in my 55 years!!

  • Debra

    I slept on one last night. The best pillow I have ever slept on. I have a bad neck, with injuries and it didn't hurt it all. Will be buying some!

  • Janice Hoehn

    Loved the pillows at the Hard Rock in Tampa, FL. Checked the label and ordered them as soon as I got home. I highly recommend them!

  • Madeleine Pelletier

    I love my new pillows, receive them very fast, I expect to buy more of them .
    I recommand

  • Sandra Weber

    First experienced the pillows on Princess Cruise Ships. Checked label for name and ordered some for our home. We love them.

  • Roy

    This pillow is wonderful, First experience was at Grand Sierra, and I love it. Highly recommend whether you sleep on back or side like I do.

  • Karen

    Love it, soft, comfortable and great support.

  • Mary

    I ordered four and we love them so much that I ordered more for my guest room and daughter. We've had ours for about a month and are very pleased.

  • Shirley

    Ordered two of these pillows they are wonderful everybody should "GET YA ONE'

  • Anita

    The first time I slept on a Sobella pillow was in Disney and I absolutely loved it. I finally broke down and bought me 2 for home and was the best thing I ever did. The best pillow ever!

  • Sandra Gee

    Recently bought a second set of these pillows for our guest room after being so happy with the ones purchased for our master bedroom. Hold their shape and can be plumped up which the husband loves. Thank you!

  • L Brown

    I had the best sleep of my life at the Venetian hotel in Las Vegas NV and was advised they order their pillows from here. I ordered both the standard as well as the king sized pillows. They aren’t as comfortable/good as the hotel pillows but they are the best pillows I’ve ever purchased. I will never purchase pillows from the store again. I ordered & have been sleeping on both pillows for over a month now and have no complaints. Don’t get me wrong, each night I fluff my pillows before bed but I used to do that before plus have to fluff through the night with my old pillows so again, these are definitely an upgrade. I have not had any crooks in my neck. Comfortable & relaxed nights sleep since purchasing these. I am very happy thus far. I am unsure as to how they will continue to hold up or how long they will last but I will continue to enjoy my good nights sleep for now. Thank you.

  • Rosemary

    Loved my pillows on the Princess cruise. Took note of the name and bought two upon returning home. Very disappointed as they are not as good as I remember. They flatten out at night.

  • Rosemary

    On a Princess cruise loved the pillows. Took note of the name and when home ordered two. Not as good as the cruise ship ones. Not as full and flattens out at night. Sooo disappointed after spending $80+.

  • Tina

    Had the pleasure of using this pillow at a recent hotel stay. I got the info off the tag and ordered 2 when I returned home. They are just as wonderful as what I used in the hotel. I use one for my head and the other to lean into as I am a side sleeper. Best pillows I've ever had. Very glad I was able to order and receive a hotel pillow on line. Thank you.

  • Sarah

    We slept on a Sobella pillow at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Tampa, FL. I took a picture of the tag, because we both liked the pillow a lot. I purchased the one that was closest to the one we slept on at the hotel. And it's ok. Like others before me have said, it doesn't seem to be as "full" as the ones at the hotel. It has a tendency to flatten out during the night. It's not a bad pillow, but certainly not the same one we slept on at the hotel.

  • linda damschroder

    We love these pillows this is the 2nd time i bought them . We stayed at a hotel one time and loved it so i wrote the name down and ordered them so this will be our forever pillow i even had my sister by one and she loves it too.

  • Terese Peterson

    I ordered this pillow at the recommendation of a customer service rep. I was looking for the pillow I slept on at a Days Inn in Liberal Texas, and was told this would be very similar. Unfortunately, it flattened out the first night requiring constant fluffing and folding. Not the same pillow at all, and I am very disappointed.

  • Kristin Taylor

    First used this pillow at a hotel! I had to take the pillowcase off to see who made it because I loved it so much! It's very comfortable and provides the right amount of support!

  • jonathan

    This pillow is too thick. I don't know how a side sleepr could sleep on it.

  • Dave

    I am sleeping so much better with this pillow. No more neck pain. Just love it.

  • Claudia

    We first experienced the Sobella pillow at a hotel and slept the best we had in years. Promptly found your website and ordered our very own. Love them. Neck pain is gone and husband is sleeping much better!


    I love my pillow! Sleeping like a baby since the first night I got it. Fan for life.

  • Sara

    I just love my pillow! I sleep so well since I bought !

  • geena

    just got the pillow today, have been looking forward to it for months, since I first had it up in the poconos.

  • Nadine

    Not sure if my king size is still in the break in stage or not. Does flatten in middle and needs to be fluffed up. Bought this pillow on recommendation from a friend. Her queen size was heaven. I may order a queen

  • Sheila

    We bought 2 pillows and they were good for about a week, and then they became flat. The pillows have to constantly be refluffed, but still do not provide enough support and we wake up with sore necks.

  • M. Young

    While staying at a Disneyworld hotel the pillows were heavenly! I took photos of the labels and when we got home I ordered one exactly like the one at the hotel. When I got it, it was hard as a rock. I called customer service and was told to put it in the dryer and put tennis balls in the dryer too, and the pillow will get soft. I did one or two times more, plus my husband has been using it to "break it in" for me for weeks now, to no avail. I'm very disappointed.

  • Debbie

    We purchased the king pillows in July 2018 and we love them! Best purchase made in a long time!

  • Tammy

    We purchased these at the end of May 2018. By the middle of July, both of them were flat & we had to replace them. Very disappointed to have paid $36/pillow to only last about 6 weeks before becoming flat & starting to hurt our necks.

  • Shelly

    Love these pillows. They are just the right firmness and still allow your head to sink into them a little bit.

  • Susan A

    Excellent 5 stars as usual. No complaints.

  • Veronica

    Bought them thinking the pillows were the ones I had at a Disney hotel and they weren’t. Pillows are hard and not soft at all.

  • Desrae

    Love these pillows. You just can't beat the comfort and quality.

  • Al Colon

    Great pillow! Full and comfy! Good night sleep is back again.

  • Al

    Great pillows! Comfy and full! Great night sleep is happening again.

  • Crissie

    Love them! The place we stayed at in Tybee Island has these pillows, I had taken My own pillow with me as I always do on trips, but didn't use it, these were so much more comphy for a side sleeper like me. Had to have My own❤

  • lacey

    I bought these and the bellazure duo pillow. Don't get me wrong I loved both, but these were by far the best. They don't get flat as you sleep on them but are still super soft. I will definitely be buying more.

  • Anita Ambrose

    Very disappointed. Pillow not at all like hotel pillow I slept on. Sinks where your head is and rises on both sides. Hard to breathe.

  • Natalie

    I bought these after loving sleeping on them in a hotel. They do not disappoint. I’m a side sleeper, and these offer support, with fluff, stay relatively cool, and still fluff easily back into shape after 1 month. I highly recommend them! Especially given the reasonable price tag.

  • lin


  • Danene

    Love, luv, love these pillows! Great for your neck, headaches aren't as intense, very comfortable and affordable! Would highly recommend getting them!!!

  • Diane O.

    Slept on these pillows at a motel in Nevada- Soooo comfy. Looked at the tag, found website and ordered 4! Very good pillows- best I have found in years.

  • DJW

    My king 2 size pillows arrived earlier than expected, we are very happy with them, they hold their shape so much better than other pillows.

  • Ann Best

    I purchased two different sizes of this pillow after sleeping with a standard size at The Viking Hotel in Newport. It was the most sumptuous pillow I had ever enjoyed. These are somewhat firm but offer luxurious softness cradling your head. Ive had spinal surgery and have neck issues causing discomfort while sleeping. I roll from one side, to my back, then to the other all night long. I’ve never found that’perfect’ pillow until now. Actually, my husband slowly took ownership of one of mine after saying he’d never pay over $20 for a pillow. Lol! Worth the money

  • Corinne

    I ordered 2 mediums and they came in pretty fast. A tad on the softer side but overall very pleased. Well worth the money.

  • KAS

    My mom asked me to order these for her after a stay at Hotel Monaco in Philly. She ordered 2 and is pleased with the purchase. Arrived quickly!

  • Johnny Maldonado

    Pillow was everything I hoped for and more.. I recently stayed at a hotel with these pillows. I loved them. I contacted the hotel and they sent me the info. I purchased several and couldn't be happier!!! Thank you for a great product!!!

  • Fletcher Cockrell

    We sleep much better with the Sobella & the Sahara. My wife & I sleep with both & love them. Thank you

  • Madeline Bradley

    I fell in love with these pillows after sleeping on them in Congress Hall in Cape May so much so that I ordered them for myself. Have been using them for about a month and they are still as soft and luxurious as the ones at the hotel! Feels like down but it's not--what a great pillow!

  • AJ

    I am obsessed. Slept on this pillow at Red Rock Casino in Vegas and had to order myself a full set for my bed.

  • Mae West

    I got this one in King as what housekeeping in Golden Nugget Las Vegas said they were. I got them and they are firm. You can still bed in half but they are not soft and squishy like i remember i think i should have ordered Sahara Nights in King. I got two of those in standard and i love love them. I was told by Sobel CS that these pillows will thin down and get softer over time with usage. So if you want less firmer dont get these. I am a side sleeper and these king pillows i use between my legs when i sleep. But i cant sleep on them all night only the Sahara nights.

  • Jeree

    So far I love the pillow. I ordered them because Golden Nugget said this is what they use but the one I got is not near as soft and fluffy as the ones they use. Must be different for commercial purchase. If you know the ones from Golden Nugget in Lake Charles exactly I would re order them

  • Judy

    I ordered 6 after using them in Hawaii, really disappointed. Three went flat and the other 3 are not holding shape well at all for the price
    Not the same as Hawaii or Disney land. Must be different quality, commercial vs residence

  • Nancy Drew

    Used these pillows at a hotel and decided to buy them. They went flat every time you used them. They don't fluff up - and if they do, the second you put your head on them, they get flat. Had to pay shipping to send them back (EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE - ALMOST THE COST OF THE KING SIZED PILLOWS). Would not recommend.

  • Debra

    We had these pillows at our hotel and really loved them, so bought some for our bed at home.

    Bonus! My husband now barely snores and when he does it's lightly. Whatever support this pillow gives, it's just right!

  • Becky

    I experienced this pillow at a Walt Disney World resort and was VERY pleased with it. It was soft yet firm enough like my feather pillow at home (but without the feathers coming out). I took a picture of the label with my phone and when I got back home I ordered two. I didn't see any choices for firmness or sleep position for this particular pillow, only for sizes, so I ordered 2 queen sizes, the same size that was in the room. When I received the pillows and slept on one for the first time, it felt really firm and not at all like what I had experienced at the resort. The resort pillow was about half the height and much more comfortable to sleep on (softer?). I've been sleeping on this pillow for a few weeks now and it's still firm but I'm hoping that over time it will flatten out some and be softer and more like the one I experienced. Since what I received wasn't what I thought I was getting, I'm rating this "average". If I had received the same pillows as the one at the resort, I would have given this an "excellent" rating.

  • Janice Metz

    Thinking about a new pillow and brother strongly recommended. We are two weeks into using these pillows and thus far, we are very happy

  • Helen Schlaich

    I ordered after staying at a hotel that uses Sobella. My husband and I are both sleeping well since our purchase.

  • Carol

    We ordered these pillows after sleeping on them at the Hardrock in Tampa. Great pillows!

  • Janet

    Great pillows . They are comfortable and haven't gone flat. I sleep very good at night.
    Will purchase another set.

  • Pamela Meyer

    We ordered these pillows after sleeping on them at The Golden Nugget in Lake Charles. We keep so good on them. Very pleased with our order. No other pillows out there like Sobella. Will continue sleeping on them from now on. Best sleep ever.

  • Judi

    Loved my Sobel pillows on my Princess cruise....ordered them...loved them till they went flat??? How do we fluff them up like on the cruise ship???? Disappointed.......

  • Julie

    This is my second set of Sobella pillows. I received two for Christmas and my sleep improved exponentially so I ordered two "medium" pillows for my husband. These pillows keep your neck aligned with your spine the entire night resulting in decreased back and neck pain. I will always purchase these pillows.

  • Anthony

    Best quality pillow I've experienced. I've always had a tough time getting to sleep and this pillow allows me to get a more restful nights sleep and get into that REM sleep, too. It relieves pressure on my neck and upper back, too.

  • Sherry

    I too was excited to order a pillow for myself and my husband just like the ones we slept on in the Hollywood Fl hotel. I ordered as we drove home from our vacation. The pillow I received was a king size Sobella just like the one in our suite.
    However my new pillow had no support at all and went flat after sleeping on it just one night! I called customer service to see if they had changed their pillow filling. I was told no they were the same. I asked why mine went flat? I was told because it was a king size and you only sleep on one part of the pillow which will soon go flat unlike a standard pillow where you shift your head around during the night. My hotel pillow was also a king size and perfect, so go figure how this pillow went flat and the hotel pillow did not go flat after three days. I am puzzled as I do not feel I received the same quslity of pillow as was in the hotel.

  • Aaron Millar

    Absolutely love the Sobella Pillow. Discovered them at a hotel in Seattle and had to order some. After they arrived, I spent three days sick in bed with these wonderful clouds of heaven. Actually made getting the flu bearable! So far I have ordered 8 for my entire household, and have 3 friends placing orders in the next week. Can't say enough about them!

  • Leslie Rock

    Scottsdale, AZ , Hotel Valley Ho, is where I first tried the best pillow i ever experienced. I have traveled a lot over the past 60 years and have purchased a lot of pillows. This pillow beats them all!

  • Marylou

    I experienced this pillow at Walt Disney World Animal Kingdom Resort and was VERY pleased with it. I took a picture of the label with my phone and went to work to see just how I could order it. I found the site and immediately ordered it in the middle of the night!
    Because I have two herniated discs in my neck, decent pillows are hard to find. Yes, the pillow is a bit lofty, but I am able to adjust the loftiness to my head and neck. What I mean by this is that I am able to "cradle" my head and neck in a lower position in the middle of the pillow and have it in a higher position on the back of my head when sleeping on my side (I hope this isn't confusing!).
    My husband is now curious about this pillow because he says "You sleep sooo much better now, you're not tossing and turning all night long". I will probably be ordering a second one for him.
    Give it a try, I feel you won't be disappointed.

  • john

    I too was introduced to these pillows via a stay at a luxury hotel. I took a picture of the label and then when I got back from my stay. I ordered 2. Maybe I ordered the wrong type but these are too plumb and not at all like the ones at the hotel. I kept them anyway in hopes they might become softer and less plumb with time. Darn, I thought I had found the perfect pillow.

  • Amy Derr

    I purchased both the Sobella and the Sahara Nights Pillows through Sobel Westex directly, as I couldn’t decide which would be best for me. The rep told me that they are both the same exact pillow, however the Sobella has more loft. When looking at them side by side, you can’t tell the difference. They are the same dimensions. I like the Sahara Nights OK about a 4 Star, except I prefer the Sobella more as I feel like I’m sleeping more on a cloud and can’t feel the individual gel fibers as I do in the Sahara Nights, which feels more like feathers in the Sahara Nights. Once my head sinks into the pillow on the Sahara Nights, it feels more firm and flat where I find myself needing to squish the pillow to get to a comfortable spot, as opposed to the Sobella which feels like my head is still suspended on cushion without scrunching it up...more of a soft/medium feel to me. I’ve been purchasing a lot of pillows and returning them lately, and the Sobella Pillows are a keeper. I’m a side sleeper mostly, some stomach and some side sleeping. I also wrote this review on Amazon and included side by side pictures with comparing the Sahara Nights and Sobella Pillows. I got a better deal through Westex Directly using a coupon code on their website. Excellent Customer Service too, with the help of Chris answering my questions. Thanks for a great pillow!

  • Joy

    Like many other my first experience with Sobel Pillows was at a Hotel. Having been in a car accident and suffered a neck injury a few months prior to my hotel stay. The pillows I had at home seem to make it worse. But after two nights of sleeping on a Sobel pillow I woke up with no pain. I took a snap shot of the label and once returning home I purchased two. I love them so much that I ordered two more so I can take them with me when I travel, in case the hotel I am staying at does not have them.. Thank you Sobel Pillows for helping me wake up a bit happier each morning.

  • Tammie

    I ordered two Sobel Westex pillows after using them for several nights at a Worldmark resort. I have spent a lot of money on pillows and thought I found the perfect ones that were amazing. But for some reason these pillows were not the same as the hotel ones, much more plump and not comfortable at all. Maybe I ordered the wrong thing, but I was bummed that I did not get what I thought I ordered according to the tag on the resort pillow.

  • John

    I slept on this pillow during a recent stay at the Georgian Terrace in midtown Atlanta. Wonderful pillows! Slept great for the three nights we were there, so I ordered a pillow for my wife and myself. She loves the pillow, and has replaced her "My Pillow" with the Sobella. I have found that the Sobella is simply too soft to handle my cervical spine issues, so I've had to go back to my Tempur-Pedic for added support. The Sobella is a great pillow, but it unfortunately doesn't provide me with enough loft for side-sleeping.

  • Sue

    Like others, we discovered this pillow while staying at a hotel. In the past, I have never taken notice of pillows when I travel (other than to maybe not like them). These are different. As soon as I returned home I ordered Sobella pillows for all of our bedrooms. They are so comfy! I now fall asleep readily and sleep soundly all night. I had no idea a pillow could make such a big difference. These are great!

  • Jeannine Merrill

    Good pillow with very little support

  • Caryn

    I discovered this pillow in a hotel in Washington. I loved it so much I took a photo of the label so I could buy my own. I was hesitant to spend so much on a pillow, but am thankful I did!
    I am a side sleeper and I cannot describe how much better I sleep with this pillow. I can't say enough how much I love it.

  • Terri

    I was first introduced to the pillows during a stay at a resort and I couldn't believe how comfortable they were. I have had my pillow for almost 4 years and they are as wonderful as the first time I slept on them.

  • Linda

    I ordered these just in case" the Sahara Nights softer pillow wasn't for me. It turns out these were more comfortable. I'm a side sleeper. I usually go for the softest pillow but these were soft while also feeling like they provided more support for my head and neck. I recommend you try these even though it seems like more people go with Sahara Nights."

  • Joe

    I had a broken down pillow for ever and would never let it go . I thought I was doomed until I found sobel westex it saved my life . Let me tell you the sobel westex pillow Sobella is the best I will Oder pillows from sobel Westex for the rest of life . Saharra nights is a great pillow but the sobella is Excellent just perfect believe me I want to help people because I know what I went through I hope this helps . The staff is great you need to speak to Chris he knows his stuff.

  • Greg

    My family and I recently stayed at Savannah House hotel in Branson and fell in love with these pillows. After we returned home, we called to find out where to buy these pillows. Last night was our first sleeping with them at home and for the first time in a long time I slept through the night with great comfort! I highly recommend these luxurious hotel pillows for your home.

  • Kelly

    My boyfriend and I just stayed at the Golden Nugget in Atlantic City and we were thrilled with our stay. The best part of the room was the comfort of the pillows. It was like sleeping on down that came from angel wings. I'm definitely getting a set or two for our home.

  • ches7

    This is a great product. These pillows are light and fluffy. The fabric and contents are breathable and keep my head cool at night. They are very comfortable and I can definitely feel a difference in my night's sleep.


    I stayed overnight at a hotel in Lancaster, PA & loved the pillows. I looked at the tag and went home and ordered them online. Wonderfully comfortable pillows!

  • Mariann Triano

    I slept on these pillows at a hotel, I loved them immediately I wrote the information from the tag and ordered them as soon as I got home. That was two years ago and they are still the best pillows I've ever slept on. We now just purchased a condo in Florida and I ordered a set for here.

  • Nancy

    I purchased four pillows after vacationing in Newport. Love them, my children keep asking when I will order some for them.

  • Terry Hadder

    I ordered 2 regular and 1 gueen Sobella pillows and they are great. I will not buy cheap pillows again!!!!!!

  • Carolyn

    I bought 2 Sobella pillows and we love them. My two sisters came to see and feel them and they also ordered two pillows. I may even give them for Christmas presents. Thanks Sobel Westex.

  • Donna

    Absolutely best hands down pillows ever, ordered myself 6 of them! Feels like sleeping in the clouds! Love them!

  • Sharon

    I bought four king sized pillows while vacationing in DC I loved the pillows on the bed so much I ordered them right then and there. Love my pillows . They stay nice and plump all the time!

  • Lisa

    I ordered two of the queen Sobella pillows after staying at the a Mohonk Mountain House. After having a perfect night's sleep, I pulled the pillow from the case and found the Sobella tag. I'll never use anything else.

  • Donna

    I love pillows. I have been through many trying to find one that works well for me. Well, it seems I found it in the Sobella. I love this pillow. It is soft, yet firm enough. Not super firm. I am a side sleeper and I like to scrunch my pillow, whether watching tv or just going to sleep, my pillow has to be just right. So far, about 2 months into using it, it has been great. Scrunches well, but will retain its shape. Also, no neck pain in the morning. Perfect.

  • Marge P.

    I first slept on this pillow(Sobella) in Wisconsin at a Wyndam resort. I have had pain in my neck for well over 6 months. The first night I felt a difference. I'm hoping I' ll continue to get better. It beats going to the Chiropractor. Thanks for the pillows.

  • Lori Bowders

    I first slept on one of these pillows at the Wyndham in Nashville TN. It was the best pillow I ever slept on. Not long after I returned home, I placed an order for 2.

  • Carola

    I Slept on this pillow for the first time at Choctaw Hotel/Casino and loved it. For people who like firm pillows this one will not work for you, it is perfect for me. I came home and ordered 2. I can't wait to get them.

  • Debbie

    My grandson is a professional baseball player he has slept on many pillows he was so expressed with yours he has talked us all into getting them and believe me he researches everything can't wait to get mine

  • Megan C.

    For vacation I went to the Sheraton Universal hotel. Sleeping on these pillows was like sleeping on a cloud! I'd love to have one! :)

  • Nancy

    We recently had a girls night at the Red Lion River Inn in Sookane, Wa., we loved these pillows so much. The gushing about them at the front desk led us to be able to take two home. Now I just have to order 1 less for my house! Thank you Red Lion!

  • Joe

    I had a broken down pillow for ever and would never let it go . I thought I was doomed until I found sobel westex it saved my life . Let me tell you the sobel westex pillow Sobella is the best I will Oder pillows from sobel Westex for the rest of life . Saharra nights is a great pillow but the sobella is Excellent just perfect believe me I want to help people because I know what I went through I hope this helps . The staff is great you need to speak to Chris he knows his stuff.

  • Joe

    I had a broken down pillow for ever and would never let it go . I thought I was doomed until I found sobel westex it saved my life . Let me tell you the sobel westex pillow Sobella is the best I will Oder pillows from sobel Westex for the rest of life . Saharra nights is a great pillow but the sobella is Excellent just perfect believe me I want to help people because I know what I went through I hope this helps . The staff is great you need to speak to Chris he knows his stuff.

  • Elaine Roth

    We were vacationing in Lancaster, Pa. and I loved the Sorbella pillow they had there. I checked the tag and then asked at the desk where they bought them. I went on-line and bought 6 of them for my family to enjoy also. They support my neck and help prevent aches and pains! And the price is very reasonable. I love them and take them with me when I am sleeping overnight at friend and family's homes

  • castulo tejeda

    I find this product very good , I find out about it in a hotel and as soon I come back I place an other to have them in my house.

  • Sarah Goldblatt

    I slept on one of these at a hotel in New York. I checked the label and ordered then fir my house from the hotel room. Now I'm addicted and can't sleep without one!

  • Rebecca M

    We discovered the Sobella pillows recently at the Savannah House in Branson, Mo. For the first time in months my husband woke up with out neck pain or stiffness. We ordered the exact pillow based off info on tag. No more restless nights or neck pain. So impressed with the pillow I also ordered a Sobellux blanket. It feels wonderful and is the perfect weight for a comfortable nights sleep. Highly recommend both products.

  • David B

    I was looking for an inexpensive pillow that was really comfortable. This pillow seems to fit the bill nicely.

  • Vicki

    I slept on these pillows at the Golden Nugget in Atlantic City, NJ and I felt like I was sleeping on a cloud. I asked the hotel what type of pillow they were, and they said the pillows are called Sobella and they were a luxury pillow from Sobel Westex. I looked them up online and couldn't believe how inexpensive they were. I placed my order right away, and have been so happy with my purchase.

  • Carolyn Jones

    I ordered 2 Sobella pillows and we really love them. What a great night's sleep. I think they would make wonderful Christmas presents. You can't go wrong with these.

  • Scott Kline

    After sleeping on these pillows in a posh hotel I did some snooping and saw the brand name. The minute I got home I found the website and ordered 2 pillows. They were better than I thought and I have had to reorder as anyone who sleeps on them takes them home with them. They are hard to keep so order extras. The best pillow I have ever had!

  • Alice Gentry

    I slept on these pillows in a hotel in Washington DC, I fell a sleep almost as soon as I laid my head down. This was not the case when I am at home. I ordered four Sobella pillows. My husband and I are both enjoying a nice peaceful sleep.

  • Mario Garcia

    I have been sleeping on these pillows for about 6 months and they are the most comfortable pillows I have ever used. I have tried the expensive down pillows and in a few weeks they flat as a pancake. I love my new pillows!

  • Amy

    Our family was on a Disney Cruise when I discovered this amazing pillow. I loved it so much that I took a picture of the tag with my phone so I could look it up when we returned home. I ordered them online and am in love. Luckily I purchased two because my daughter permanently borrowed one of them. Not only is it the most comfortable pillow I have ever purchased but it brings back fantastic memories from an amazing vacation.

  • Dee Moore

    I purchased a Sahara Nights pillow strictly on the reviews I read. After trying it for awhile I decided it wasn't quite full enough for me. I purchased the Sobella pillows. That was the answer. They are very comfortable and have solved my sore neck problem.

  • Rosemary Malik

    I first came across these pillows at a resort in New York. I had the best night sleep for a long time. I was always buying pillows as I had suffered from a stiff neck most morning, thinking there must be a 'perfect' pillow for me somewhere. Then I came across your pillows. I immediately looked for the tab on them before leaving the resort and found your website. I love your products, and would recommend them to anyone looking for a wonderful, relaxing sleep.

  • Jeanie R Pritchett

    I loved these pillows so much after staying at the Wyndham Resort in Nashville. When I returned home I purchased 8 for my home. I have had them for over a year and they are still like new.

  • Sabrina Julian

    I love these pillows and the duvet insert too! I had the most comfortable sleep on these linens at a Diamond Resort in Maui. Upon returning home I ordered them, and after sleeping on them for just a week, I ordered more for every bed in our house. We get frequent guests, and a number of them have complimented the pillows and ordered them too! They are soft and plush, wash well, and don't flatten out over time. We use the duvet insert as a blanket, and even on cold nights that is all we need.

  • Patty Powers

    My husband just loved this pillow and so did I. Best night sleep. Had the pleasure of sleeping on this pillow at Amish View Suites in Lancaster, PA Ordered the pillows and sleeping is so much better!

  • Diane

    Best pillows ever. We only had 1 at first and found that everyone in house seemed to be fighting or stealing this pillow from each other adding to bedtime chaos. Last xmas I bought everyone their own.

  • Susie

    I looovvveee it! I love , I love it, I love it. I bought 2 Sobella pillows about a month ago and I have not had a headache or stiff neck since. I have about 5 different types of pillows in my closet now, all to be given to Good Will. All so called very good and very expensive pillows. I will recommend this pillow to everyone. I already have 2 new customers coming your way and plan on buying a couple more myself and for gifts. Thank you Sobel Westex, you changed my life!

  • Desiree


  • John and Tammy

    We have stayed at several hotel/motels in the past month. Absolutely love the pillows. No sore neck, no tossing and turning and fluffing the pillows. No more taking our pillows from home. Asked about the pillows, and here we are ordering for our home. Love the pillows best night sleep ever. Thank you.

  • Terri

    We recently stayed at the Savannah house in Branson and loved their pillows. Asked at the front where we could get these. We were able to buy 4 that day and was so excited to use them at home. My family loves them so they are going to make great Christmas presents!

  • Kathe

    Stayed at the Silverton Casino in Las Vegas in June. Fell in love with the bedding. Ordered 2 Pillows on Sunday, 8-10 and the arrived Tuesday 8-12!! Last night was my first night with my new pillows, the best I've slept since Vegas! Next is purchasing the Duvet Insert. This bedding is the best!

  • JLG

    Found these gems while staying at the Eldridge Hotel in Lawrence KS, both of us recognized they were something special. The whole family gets new pillows! The hotel uses all their bedding products and they are something special!

  • Jeannette E

    We recently spent our honeymoon at the whalers resort in Maui Hawaii

  • L.Fitz

    I stayed at the Tolavana Inn at Cannon Beach, OR and they had these pillows. I have severe neck problems (4 compressed disks) and always wake up with neck pain. 2 nights sleeping on these pillows and each morning woke up with no neck pain, and slept soundly. Husband loved them also! Am ordering 2 a piece for us, and one for my Son to try who also has problems with his neck. Can't recommend them enough!!!

  • Tara

    My hubs and I stayed at the Grand Cascades Lodge at the Resorts at Crystal Springs and they had the Sobella pillows in our suite. Before we left i snapped a pic of the tag and ordered 4 when I got home! I have a tempurpedic mattress and pillow for neck issues and i wake up with a stiff neck every day. I never woke up with neck pain using these pillows. They are firm enough yet fluffy-cloud-like enough. I slept sooooo good! I was even more happy to find them for sale to the public! THANK YOU!!!

  • Susan

    I stayed at Chactaw Casino

  • Cyndi D

    I stayed at Red Lion in Spokane, WA and climbed into bed exhausted and suffering from a stiff neck. The hotel that I stayed in the night before had pillows that felt like they were stuffed with hay. Within a few minutes snuggling in this pillow, I was asleep. I woke up and realized no stiff neck. I had to investigate the name of the pillow so, here I am ordering replacements for our bedroom at home.

  • Patti

    Had the pillows at our hotel in Salt Lake City. As a flight attendant...I will say they'd are the best pillows I have ever slept on. I'm ordering some for my home now!

  • Tony Yogan

    Love these pillows. Have replaced every pillow in my home with these. I just purchased two as a gift for a friend. They have great support for being a plush. I agree with Deb in the previous review. BEST PILLOW EVER! Period.


    We slept on these pillows at Choctaw Casino in Durant, OK. I took off the pillow cases to find the tag. I just ordered 2 Sobellas and 2 Dolce Notte II. I can't wait till they arrive. We slept so comfortably at Choctaw that we had to have them. I was shocked at the reasonable prices. We have paid much more for other pillows that were not even close to these. Looking forward to no more stiff necks!

  • Roxanne

    Luxuriously dreamy restful sleep in cozy comfort. The creamy smoothness of the cotton fabric is sumptuous. Lavish in texture, gives one an immediate sence of tactile relaxation. I could go on how delighted I am finding this product line. I expected huge dollars attached to such fine linen

  • Mike

    Notice the first night that this pillow was great. I have been able to go into a deep sleep for the first time in years. When I wake up I am rested, and have no neck pain. Great pillow.

  • candee welty

    Experienced the Sobella pillow while on vacation in Rehoboth beach Delaware..loved it so much went to hotel administrative office and requested information...they actually let me keep my pillow and upon return to my room my husband had ordered us both one online from the info he found on pillow tag.. was easy to order, price is fair and only took 5 days from ordering to being at my door..I have bought numerous pillows in the past years none worked well...these pillows are like heaven!

  • Lauri Schroeder

    So looking forward to getting these pillows, recently stayed at the Savannah House in Branson Mo, I have sleep apena, so some nights I struggle with my mask and getting comfortable and not disturbing my husband, he said while on vacation I didn't snore at all, and I remember going to bed at night and moving very little and having no issues with my mask. All I know is I had 5 nights of excellent sleep on vacation.

  • Gregory Streichhirsch

    We experienced these pillows on vacation in Munising Michigan at the Magnuson Motel. Hands down the most comfortable pillow ever. Came home and ordered eight of them for our bed. Great service, on time delivery, deep, peaceful sleep. Love them.

  • Mike

    These pillows feel like I'm resting my head on a cloud. Not too soft, not too firm, just perfect! What is really amazing is that I received them one day after I placed my order. I have to recognize the customer service agent that helped me with my order. She knew the products and gave good advice on which pillows to order. I didn't think I could get too excited about pillows, but these are so much better than the ones I have been buying at department stores.

  • Natalie Kirchoff

    Experienced this pillow in Branson on vacation a while back. Got home so excited to be able to find these pillows on-line. The pillow is very soft. It is softer than the ones in the hotel. I know it's the right pillow, but I wish I had an option for a firmer one. On the plus side, people who want a soft pillow will not find one they like better.

  • Tina

    I slept on the Sobella pillows at the new Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville Hotel in Pigeon Forge, TN. I loved them so much when I got home, I looked for them online and bought 3 King size pillows. They were too soft and my head sunk straight to the bottom. The pillows I slept on at the hotel were standard size. I am guessing that since mine were King sized the filling pushed out to each side once I lay my head on it. I did not have that problem with the standard size. I had to return them.

  • Luluskiss

    I first found Sobel Westex after staying at The Rustic Inn in Jackson Hole, WY. My first purchase was SW towels-perfectly absorbent and soft on the skin, but best of all, they dry after my morning shower BEFORE my evening shower! After a few months, I ordered the Sobella pillows and it's been about three weeks since receiving my order. I have slept through the entire night since sleeping on these pillows-something I haven't been able to do in years! I am so rested! I'd highly recommend!

  • Stephen

    Like others I experienced the pillows at a Hotel and got the tag information. I usually have neck pain the next morning until I used the Sobel pillows, they are great!