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Sahara Nights Pillow

Sahara Nights Pillow Sahara Nights Pillow Sahara Nights Pillow Sahara Nights Pillow Sahara Nights Pillow Sahara Nights Pillow
Sahara Nights Pillow
Sahara Nights Pillow
$38.99 - $43.99
Our best-selling pillow, Sahara Nights® delivers a plush, hotel pillow quality and amazing comfort for an incredible value. Wrapped in quilted 233 thread count, 100% cotton woven fabric ticking, and filled with hypoallergenic, extra-fine and soft gel fiber fill, this popular pillow has a restful, down-like feel. Find soft comfort for better sleep in a durable and machine washable bed pillow. Best for stomach sleepers.

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Our best-selling pillow, Sahara Nights® delivers a plush, hotel pillow quality and amazing comfort for an incredible value. Wrapped in quilted 233 thread count, 100% cotton woven fabric ticking, and filled with hypoallergenic, extra-fine and soft gel fiber fill, this popular pillow has a restful, down-like feel. Find soft comfort for better sleep in a durable and machine washable bed pillow. Best for stomach sleepers.

The Sahara Nights Pillow is Ideal for Stomach and Back Sleepers

No More Tossing and Turning, Neck Pain, or Awkward Sleep Positions

Product Features

  • soft, but firm pillow, with a down-like feel
  • cotton fabric and gel-filled hypoallergenic pillow
  • 100% premium cotton, 233 thread count for quality and durability
  • Gel fiberfill, fine virgin 0.9 denier microfiber
  • Attractive quilted herringbone design

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  • Sherrie

    This is nothing more than a $10 pillow from walmart. I ordered because I used these at my resort and loved them. This is nothing like these cheap flat ones I got from you.

  • Sidney Nebeker

    This is hands down the worst pillow I’ve ever slept with. Sahara is right, this pillow sleeps SO incredibly hot. I hardly slept until I got up to grab my old pillow that I thought I disliked until now. If you’re a side sleeper, don’t waste the time and money. Zero support, my head sunk to the bed almost immediately. Bummed, because I waited a while to receive this too. All around disappointment.

  • Charles Sasen

    This pillow is by far the most uncomfortable pillow I have ever used. I am a back sleeper and the back of my head feels like sleeping on a brick. My neck and back are very sore every morning for the 10 days I have used the pillow. The cover sounds like sleeping on newspaper even with a cover on the pillow. I am not returning the pillow as It is too much trouble to return during this time of the virus. I will use it as a floor pillow or toss it. I went back to using my old pillow so I can get a good sleep. Thank you.

  • Linda

    I purchased this pillow on the basis of sleeping on one in Hawaii for a week. Loved it. But the one i received doesn't nearly compare in comfort. Will keep due to cost of restocking and shipping fee to return. I will use it for guests . Really disappointed.

  • Monika

    This is my 3rd Sahara night pillow order since 2017 and the quality has gone from excellent to poor. The outer shell is not cotton , now is 100% resin bonded polyester and feels like paper. I will not buy these pillows again nor would I recommend them.

  • Todd

    Wife loves these pillows. Bought a set for our bed and we are both very pleased with them.

  • Kim Cline

    Found these at a hotel and ordered my own. Love them! My only regret is not spending a couple more dollars for the queen size. I sleep great on these pillows!

  • Victor Heredia

    Pillow was awesome when I first got it for the first week I thought I had found my pillow after buying so many pillows. Then it just went flat and my neck started hurting again.

  • Harriet W

    These pillows are well made - the quilted case is understated elegance. The fill is soft. I wouldn't say this is suited for "stomach and back sleepers." I hated it for sleeping on my back. Sleeping on my sides was okay, but not great. This pillow is AWESOME for sleeping on my stomach. So, they are going to my mom who can use these more than I and I'll look at the other Sobel pillows for one that's better suited for back sleepers.

  • Karla

    Bought these because a friend recommended them. They are too soft for me. I need a firm pillow. I am keeping them since it's too much work to return these. I might just order 1 of the firm pillows to try, but not sure if I will. If you like a soft pillow you might like it, but if you prefer a firm pillow try something else. For me these weren't worth the price.

  • wendy

    I found this pillow at a resort in the Poconos. I found the web site, ordered 4 and have been very happy with my purchase. Great pillow if you like a soft, squishy pillow!

  • Susan

    Ordered this pillow and a recommendation from a friend who had stayed at a Disney Resort. I love this pillow and no longer wake up with neck pain. Easy to order and received in a timely fashion. I would and have recommended this pillow to my friends.

  • Barbara Deaton

    Just got off the phone with Pam and she was terrific. My husband and I stayed in Myrtle Beach for 2 weeks and he fell in love with the pillows. Thank heavens for cell phones, we took pictures of the pillow tags and track then down. Pam was great helping us finding the correct pillows to order.

  • Brenda

    I love the pillow. I actually thought it was a set and not just one pillow, but it is extremely comfortable whether you sleep on your side or back. I am getting the second pillow from Amazon for a little less.

  • Terry

    I am a stomach/side sleeper these pillows are great! I sleep very well at night, gave away my old pillows. I like the idea that I can wash them at home rather than send them to a dry cleaner. To refresh I put them in my dryer with a steam set. Great job

  • Duane

    Thisis a terrific 'non-feather' but 'feather-like' pillow. It arrived exactly as ordered. I caution that it is a rather thick pillow- if you want a thin pillow this is not for you.

  • Katelynn

    These pillows were, "okay." I slept on it for like 2 nights then went back to previous pillow. It made me realize how good my first pillow really was. Maybe over time they will soften up a bit. Was expecting to sleep on a cloud like I did at the hotel. But noooo... I spend a fourtune on pillows and typically get the same result: disappointment.

  • Neal

    Can't say enough about these pillows--you really need to try them.

  • Lisa

    I love these pillows and have purchased them for all the beds in my home. Would highly recommend them.

  • Linda

    I slept on this type pillow at a Wyndham resort in Myrtle Beach and felt like I could have been sleeping on clouds. They craddle your head. I slept with 3 of them under and around my head and bought 3 when I got home. I love them.

  • Margaret

    We have these pillows at all the resorts we travel to and wanted some for home The pillows seemed ok the first few nights, but after that they were not as firm. They are just like any other pillow that I was buying at walmart for $8. Very disappointed because of the high cost.

  • Charles

    great pillow, have been very happy with my purchase

  • Michelle

    Fell in love at Pop Century with these pillows. Can't wait till they get that perfect softness of being used but out of the bag a far superior pillow than I am used to. Good Product.

  • Kathleen Danuser

    First discovered this brand 2 years ago at a hotel in Florida. Just bought a second pair and still happy. I had an issue with porch pirates and the customer service was quick and got another order delivered quickly! Highly recommend!!

  • Sharron Turner

    I bought king-sized versions of Sahara nights about 10 years ago while these were still available for sale to the public out of Las Vegas. This time I bought just two standard pillows which cost more than the two king size pillows but that's inflation over the years I guess. Even though I could have driven and picked up the pillows I have to wait for them to ship from Florida. And then when I got them they were way too soft, something has changed. 10 years ago I had a staycation at a hotel in the strip and that's where I found the pillows to be incredibly comfortable so much so that I took the pillowcase off so I could see the label and buy some for myself. Now they're just way too soft and if I want to return them I have to pay for shipping even though like I said I could drive and return them that way. So I'm kind of stuck with them. Wishing I hadn't purchased them.

  • Steve

    Perfect. I first saw this pillow at a hotel in Las Vegas and I loved it so much I took a picture of the label and bought one as soon as I got home. I am a side sleeper and this allows enough squish but is solid enough for me!

  • MentorGrl

    My husband and I stayed at the Hilton Head Marriott Resort a few years ago. I always have issues with pillows while traveling, but was so happy with the pillows at this resort, I took all the pillow covers off to locate the tags. Went home and immediately purchased several Sahara Nights pillows. Been happy ever since. Thank you Sobel Westex!!

  • Rennae Glidden

    I bought 4 Sahara nights pillows after a stay in Las Vegas in 2015. I love these pillows. I won't use anything else. Today they are in the same condition as when I bought them. Clearly a supreme pillow to die for. Highly recommend.

  • Daniel

    Got the name of the pillows from a Las Vegas hotel I stayed at. Have had 3 sets now of the Sahara Nights and the Sobella and all sets have not even lasted a year before they became deformed and very flat. For someone that used to sleep very well at night, I now am waking up with neck pain and tired. Not recommended.

  • Jennifer

    These pillows are so well made and long lasting. I slept so well on them during my trip to Maui that I came home and purchased them straight away. Years later, they are still my favorites and I am only just now looking into buying more. Wonderful product for this side sleeper!

  • Abraham Zamudio

    Do you guys can send it to México?
    Shipping to México?

  • Corrina Jackson

    I was looking for a brand called hotel collections that were in a hotel i stay at, their super soft and conform to the neck and head. Apparently not the same pillows, i ordered two they are too thick firm and bulky, making my neck uncomfortable and providing non restful sleep. Wish to return these..

  • Molly.

    I have chronic migraines and bulging disc with a pinched nerve in my neck. I have tried so many different pillows, even ones brought from Medical Supply stores. I stumbled upon the Sahara Nights pillows, I am so happy to have found three by accident I sleep so well now, awaking without so much pain. Thank you, you have no idea how happy I am to have my three.

  • Jamie Olson

    We purchased these after hearing from our hotel The Four Seasons that this is the site they use. These were so thick they gave me a neck ache and they weren't soft like the hotel. In order to return Sobel doesn't provide a shipping label for returns, just an address to mail it to. It took me a few attempts at contacting them to find out how to return - it's not worth finding out if these are the pillows from your hotel.

  • Lisa

    I experienced this pillow at a very nice hotel love the comfort I experienced it look photos of Tag looked them up on the Internet bought 4 before I even left the hotel now I have my own every night is like sleeping on a cloud love love love them

  • Adriane

    Extremely disappointed. I was going to go with another company but got a referral to sobel. I was so excited to get new comfy pillows that would be plush and give a amazing sleep instead we got flat no support pillows. Sure my head sinks in but all the way to my mattress I may as well not use a pillow. I’m really disappointed since I was investing in comfort and didn’t get it at all.

  • Tina

    I have the same issue as Shyanne: I ordered the Sahara Nigjts II pillow after sleeping on one at a BlueGreen resort and it is definitely not the same. The one I ordered is much firmer :(

  • Shyanne

    I bought 3 of these pillows after getting the name off of the pillows I loved at a hotel. When they arrived they were way more firm, I assumed they just needed to be broke in. Almost a year later, they are still no where near as soft as the hotel pillows. I am not convinced at all that they are the same. (I even took a picture of the tag so I could make sure I ordered the correct one.)
    On a more positive note, when my package was delayed and I called customer service, they were incredible friendly and helpful.

  • Donna

    These pillows are amazing! It feels like sleeping on a cloud :) I will be ordering more soon!

  • Silviya

    So disappointed in this pillow. Ordered 3 of them for my family, they where very hard and uncomfortable to sleep on , returned and awaiting my refund!!

  • crystal

    Always wanted a pillow that was as comfortable as the hotel pillows. Took a chance on this one and it is wonderful. Nice and fluffy and conforms to your head and neck. Seems like every pillow I've ever bought gets flat quickly but not this one and reasonably priced! I really like it!

  • Elvia

    I just received my pillow. I was so excited. But the pillow has this weird smell to it. I really loved the pillow at Wyndham. They are not the same.

  • Tina B

    We slept on these at Luxor and ordered six of them as soon as we got home. Ones delivered were the same as the hotel. Best pillow I have EVER used! Would definitely recommend to everyone wanting a good night’s sleep!

  • Anne Kelly

    Pillow is well made, but I'm wondering if I have the wrong pillow! I've had a stiff neck every day since receiving my pillows. It seems to be too full of fill. The one in the hotel was GREAT. This one is NOT. I have not complained to the store, so I don't know how they would handle my complaint.

  • marcio

    these pillows save my sleep for good they are great keep the good work thanks

  • Ian Garrett

    Sahara night pillows have been our only pillows for the last 5 years. Unfortunately we ordered a new set a few weeks ago and the chemical smell coming from the pillow is nauseating! We are airing them out now but I think they have changed the pillows manufacturing process!

  • Janet

    Tried these pillows at a hotel and had to have them. Love these pillows. First pillows I have found that relieves the tension in my neck when I sleep. Company was great to work with. Planning on ordering more pillows for all of our beds.

  • Cerita

    Love these pillows! Slepted on them on vacation and ordered them as soon as we got home.

  • anthony

    best pillows ever

  • Melody

    It wasnt the same as the one I used at a hotel. I purposely got the name off the pillow because it was perfect at the hotel. Very disappointed not worth the price :(

  • Scott

    After sleeping on this pillow at a Wyndham hotel, I knew I had to get it. When it arrived I was excited to sleep on it, and the same comfort I experienced at the hotel was definitely there. However, after the first night, I noticed a weird chemical smell like burnt coffee. Even the pillow case smelled so we washed them separately on the long cycle. Unfortunately it didn’t get rid of the smell. It’s so strong that I stopped using it. SideNote: I put it in a spare bedroom and shut the door...2 days later I went into that room and upon opening the door, the whole room smelled like the pillow. Such a disappointment because the pillow is so comfortable.

  • Sz

    Not as good as the Sahara Nights at Wyndham. Becomes hard, like sleeping on a brick. Terrible neck pain. Had to see a chiropractor. I won't use anymore. Waste of $, compounded by errible return policy. I will never purchase from them again. Back to my old down pillow which is still way better than this.

  • Joseph m

    We used these at a hotel and when we got home immediately ordered our own. Reasonably priced for great quality.

  • Nana

    We discovered theses pillows at a resort in Daytona Beach, the bedding was heavenly so we checked out the brand and we ordered 2 when we got home. We loved them so much I ordered 5 more! We have recommended them to our family and friends!

  • Brooke

    I LOOOVEEE these pillows! They are heavenly

  • Emily

    We looked for this pillow after sleeping on them at a Disney World resort. Will never buy another regular pillow again!

  • Linda Shoare

    Love the Sahara Nights pillow. I have spent my adulthood searching for the right pillow and I think I've found it!

  • Darlene Sorrell

    Ordered 3 times already - Sahara Nights are the best! Love them!

  • Tracy Miller

    I bought this pillow it was nothing like it says and I called and told them and they wanted me to pay to send it back . It’s flat and looks used . Buyers be aware

  • Denise

    This is my 3rd order. (Our 4th & 5th pillows) We just LOVE these pillows!

  • Karen

    We ordered 5 Sahara Nights pillows and covers after sleeping on them at Seven Seas in Lake Tahoe. OMG- these are the best pillows EVER!

  • Stephanie

    Love my pillows!!!

  • Sharon

    We love our pillows! It's hard to find a perfect pillow--believe me, we've tried and rejected many. We discovered these at a resort in Lake Tahoe. I looked at the tags and wrote down the company name. They were most helpful and we got these at budget prices!

  • Nancy

    Just bought 2 of these pillows for my husband and myself. We Love them !!!
    They are the most comfortable pillows we have ever had and believe me we have had many ! I most certainly will be ordering more Thank you Sobel.

  • Michael

    This is the second round of pillows we have bought from Sobel. The first ones lasted 8 years! I would recommend these pillows to anyone that is looking for a great nights sleep.

  • Carol

    A friend introduced us to these pillows and now we own them too. Very comfortable and hold their shape.



  • Melinda

    I slept on one of these pillows at the Golden Nugget in Biloxi. I ordered two when I arrived home and I love them! For those thinking the pillows are different than the hotel pillows, try washing them. I noticed the pillows at the hotel had been washed.

  • Patricia

    Slept on these pillows at Red Lion at SEATAC. Ordered 2 as soon as I arrived home. I have been a side sleeper and now can sleep on my back as well as my sides. Love the pillow covers also

  • Kristin

    Love it!

  • Dorpag

    We slept on the Sahara Nights pillows at a Whyndam Resort in Atlantic City. They were so comfortable I took a picture of the tag on it. We ordered 4 as soon as we got home. They are not quite as soft as the ones at the resort but I figure after time they will be just as broken in. We both love them. We even got a set for my parents. Thanks Sobel!

  • Mary Stewart

    I have two of these that I bought about three years ago. They are still in great shape. However, the new ones I just received seem to be more firm than the old ones were when I had first received them.

  • Pamela

    I was hoping to get more head and neck support from this pillow than my pure down, but it just doesn't have any, just goes flat. I gave it to my kids.

  • donna ciano

    I ordered the pillow because I slep on it at the Hardrock casino in Atlantic City. Had to have, but this is not the same pillow. Also, I have two pillows for Two weeks and one of the pillows flatten out. Please advise.

  • Teri Eckman

    Love this pillow! Slept on it at 2 different resorts this summer and had to have it. It did not disappoint!

  • Pat

    Love these pillows! Introduced to them on a Princess cruise. This is my second set.

  • Ynirida

    This pillow was much less comfortable than the hotel version which made me purchase the item.

  • Novajc

    I slept on a similar one in Steamboat Springs Co., and when I contacted Sobel they could not find the exact one. This pillow is not even close. It has some comfort but not as good as the resort pillow. This is my second purchase with Sobel. Customer service is good but the pillows I purchased are just average.

  • Nicole T.

    This pillow was much less comfortable than the hotel version which made me purchase the item. Also, beware - to return the item you need to pay your own shipping PLUS a restocking fee. Customer service is nonexistent. I would not purchase a pillow online unless you are sure you know what you are getting.

  • russell childress

    I first experienced these pillows while staying at a popular hotel in Las Vegas. I was so impressed with the quality that I had to look at the tags on the pillow to get the information of the manufacturer in hopes I could have these at home. Well that's exactly what happened. These pillows are awesome, far superior to the ones I've bought from reputable department stores. Thank you Sobel for a great quality product.

  • Cindy McKamy

    Slept on these pillows on a princess cruise to Alaska. Loved them so much bought them for home. Slept great actually better and cheaper than My Pillow. We loved them so that we bought another set for our motor home. Great pillow

  • Glenda

    These pillows were in our hotel. We had to know what they were, got the name and ordered when we got home. Best pillows ever.

  • Diana

    Love these pillows. They use them at the Tropicana in Atlantic City, and I actually looked forward to going to my room to sleep. I remembered these same great pillows from a hotel on a trip that I took a few years ago, but never knew who made them, I mentioned to a friend, that I wish I could find those pillows. He told me that he, too, was so impressed with the pillows, that he made a point of tracking down Sahara, and buying four of them. He shared the information with me, and I ordered them that day!

    My Sahara pillows arrived quickly. They are comfortable, just like the ones at the hotel. They keep their shape. They’re soft, but not too soft, and they don’t flatten out. I bought all kinds of pillows, in the past, feather, foam, and even MyPillow. These are far better.

  • Ashleigh

    We bough over $300 worth of pillows in 3 months trying to find some that were comfortable and we could sleep with and nothing seemed to be working. We slept at a Wyndham hotel and they had these awesome pillows and duvets and fell in love. Has the best sleep in a long time. So of course we had to find out what they were. We ordered the Sahara Nights as soon as we got home. 3 standard, 3 queen, 3 king and a king size duvet all for my king size bed and its like sleeping in the clouds every night (as my 3 year old likes to say). Best purchase we have ever made. Highly recommend. In fact, my brother stole one to take on deployment with him.

  • Milton

    The pillows are not what I thought they would be, because they flatten out after a few nights. Very disappointing in the product.

  • Anna Arruda

    Love this pillow, Sahara Nights. Telltale test was that we slept much better. We first bought the Dolce Notte II which was a medium firm very nice comfortable pillow, but a little too firm for us. The Sahara Nights is a little softer like sleeping on a cloud. We'll buy them every year! Reminds me of the great pillows we sleep on at Bed & Breakfasts or Deluxe Disney Resorts.

  • Christine

    Slept on these pillows at a Worldmark resort in Angels Camp. They were so nice that I came home and ordered two. Do you make beds??

  • Jo D

    I did not find that the pillow I received was remotely like the pillow I used at the hotel. Overstuffed with chunky cheap feeling fill. I recognize that there may be variation from use at the hotel. Nonetheless, I would like to return it. However, considering the shipping costs half the value of the pillow, and I would have to pay for return shipping, no one in their right mind would go through the return process. I would end up paying for the pillow twice and have no pillow! This kind of structure ensures that the company never has to correct their mistakes or please a customer in hopes they will return. The company receives all of the new customer it needs from the hotels, so why bother with the displeased old ones? Good luck hedging your bets with this one.

  • Jody

    After sleeping on these pillows in Las Vegas I had to come home and buy them.. Best pillows ever!.. I no longer wake up with a stiff neck!!

  • Rowena

    I bought 9 pillows for my whole family for several years now. These are better than the ones at Bed Bath and Beyond. I will only buy these pillows.

  • Tellier Family

    After our first night at Mountain Loft resort, I ordered 2 King pillows so they’d be delivered by the time we got home. We have put a bed in the 2nd bedroom so I had to order a Standard size pillow for it!
    Love these pillows!

  • Tammy

    Slept on this pillow on vacation in Myrtle Beach, came home and ordered it! Love it!!!!!

  • Jan Sliper

    Been using these pillows for at least 6 years now after sleeping on them at a hotel on Las Vegas. Sahara Night is the best pillow ever

  • Ann Best

    I purchased 3 pillows after having slept with one at The Hotel Viking in Newport. This one I chose after reading great reviews. It’s perfect for sleepers who like to sink into their pillow and have it somewhat cradle their head. It can become warm but after a quick fluff up it cools and returns to its original plumpness.

  • Chris

    Love these pillows!

  • Teri

    Slept on these at our Disney Resort, whole family fell in love! Ordered the same night we got home. Family of four loves them!

  • Greg

    Bought the sahara after sleeping on them in Hawaii...just what we expect. Great quality and price.

  • Elle

    Best pillows ever and I am very picky! I take my time when buying anything. I can't remember which resort I was staying at, but like most people leaving review here, I woke up and thought:"something is different about my pillow here". I looked up the name and found out where to order it from. I felt so confident about it and ended up ordering 12 pillows, 6 King and 6 Queen. I love it so much that I want my family to have it as well. I am going to give 2 to a family member who recently had neck surgery and 2 will be shipped to my parents in Croatia. To ship internationally, you have to speak or email customer service to get approximate cost of shipping. I don't think European countries are listed, so customers can't automatically enter European address when ordering online. However, shipping there was going to cost me 8x the price of merchandise, so, needless to say, I am shipping it independently.

  • Campbell family

    We highly recommend this pillow.

  • Michelle

    Have bought many pillows, and the Sahara Night pillow is the best. No more neck aches, or sleepless nights.. I took a picture of the tag when staying at Wyndham Bonnet Creek, so I could purchase them when I got home. I could not find the exact match from the tag. I called Sobel customer service, gave him the name of the resort and he was able to tell me what pillows the resort was using. Not only did I get the best pillow ever, I got excellent customer service with this company.

  • Fletcher Cockrell

    Love the Sahara & sobella. Best we have ever had. Thanks

  • Ellie

    Slept on these amazing pillows at a Kimton hotel. Had to track them down as they are so comfortable. My sleep has improved 100% since purchasing them.

  • Jess F.

    Ordered 2 pillows that arrived really quickly. I had slept on them at a Wyndham Hotel and fell in love. They are exactly as expected; the perfect balance of support and softness.

  • Tanya

    I slept on this pillow at Disney Pop Century Resort. I loved it, so I looked to see if I could find the brand on the pillow and to my surprise, they kept the tag on. I immediately sent an email inquiring about purchasing this pillow along with the Sobella Supremo pillow (as per the resort) since I was only going to be in Orlando for 4 more days and there was no shipping to Canada. I got a quick response and was able to order the pillows to the resort with 1 day shipping turn around, FANTASTIC!!!! Since I am a side sleeper, I find it hard to find pillows that do not hurt my neck. The Sobella Supremo and Sahara Nights pillows are the right combination that allows me to get such a good sleep with no neck pain in the morning. Definitely worth buying and adding them to my luggage to bring back to Canada.

  • Susan young

    These pillows are not as comfortable as they was in condo .I ordered two full size one pillow doesn’t have enough stuffing and to try to use two is too much . Not real satisfied with pillows .They are not like the ones I slept on in condo

  • Margaret

    Also slept on these at a hotel and bought for home use. So comfortable!

  • Marsha nelson

    Had this pillow at Hotel Contessa and loved it emailed them and they were very kind in sending me the link.Love this pillow Great support

  • E.D. Chalfont

    These pillows are very puffy so your head sinks into a very comfortable pillow. The overall quality is so much better than what you find in a department store.

  • LISA

    Fell for the Sahara Nights pillow while staying in Boston. Ordered them the second night we were there for my daughter and I. They are amazing!!!!

  • Diane Hill

    I used these pillows at blue green in pigeon forge. Loved them and I’m very happy with the fact I ordered them for my home! I’m ordering more in the future!

  • Marie L

    I was introduced to this line by Princess Cruises. I ordered this pillow and love it. I have always slept with two pillows now I only need one.

  • Mercedes Parada

    I’m sooooo upset this pillow has this many good reviews! That was the only reason I purchased them over my usual sobella pillows! Wrong decision, they are not as full and fluffy as I expected. I contact them so I can exchange them for what I’m use to and I was told to read the fine print of having to pay shipping to return them, which was half the cost of what I paid for the pillows! Huh? Horrible customer service!

  • Johanna Younger

    I ordered a soft pillow. However, what I got was an overstuffed hard pillow that is nothing like the pillow that I am replacing. I am very disappointed with it, but maybe my dog will use it. Will not order from you again.

  • Janet

    Slept on these pillows at worldmark resort and found them online. Love these pillows and they are at an affordable price!

  • Maryse

    used these pillows while staying at a Disney hotel. Found them on line. they are wonderful! Great pillows for a great night's sleep!

  • Tijen

    Shipping was quick! Love the pillows! I first slept on them at a hotel, then checked the tag and ordered them while at the hotel. By the time I got back from my trip, they were home. Perfect firm and softness in one. They don't go flat! I bought 6 :)

  • Diane Hill

    Finally! A pillow I absolutely love! I too found them at a resort I was staying at. I took the pillow cases off to see what they were and ordered 2 when I got home. I'm ordering several more!!

  • Pilar

    Absolutely wonderful pillows! They feel like down in that they support but also surround you. I bought the king size and they are the best pillows I’ve purchased bar none. Exactly what I was looking for.

  • Diana

    I used this pillow at a resort and then ordered some for myself. I thought I was going to be unhappy when I got this huge pillow. I like almost no pillow. I remembered one review that said the pillow didn’t stay firm- which was what I wanted. Sure enough, it’s becoming what I wanted the more I use it. Hang in there if you’re initially overwhelmed by the size.

  • Robin

    We slept on these pillows while staying at the Disney Beach Resort in Florida. They were so comfortable, I immediately ordered and they were delivered by the time I got home!

  • Laurel

    Sadly the pillows did not work for me. I wish they had.

  • deb.whitney@comcast.net

    I never want to loose your website - I bought four pillows and a fill set of sheets an pillowcases - I feel like I am still on vacation! All of my family members have them and just love them - I just turned on yet another friend that just got her delivery today! I have had much deeper sleep - intense dreams and I STAY asleep and do not toss and turn like I did prior to these pillows - Love Love!

  • Sharon

    I experienced this pillow in a hotel in Vegas and loved it. As I could not get one in the UK on a visit to New York I ordered one. Delivery to my hotel was fantastic. I was able to track the order and receive it during my visit. Now back home I still love it. So comfortable and perfect for a front sleeper. I will be getting another next time I’m in the USA.

  • Lisa

    I have purchased so many pillows trying to find the right one. I can now say that I've found the RIGHT one, Sahara Nights. I would wake up every morning with a sore neck that lasted throughout most of the day. Since sleeping on the Sahara Nights pillow, my neck has not been sore one time. My husband and I both love our new pillows. Thanks Sobel...

  • Nancy

    I slept on this pillow in a hotel and loved it. The pillow I received was NOTHING like the pillow in the hotel. It was a HUGE, OVERSTUFFED, hard as a rock pillow. Gave it away. Very disappointed.

  • Pam

    Great night sleep & loved the pillows at Wyndham Resort! Looked at pillow label!! Ordered!!

  • Julia Batchelor

    Slept on these pillows at a hotel and they were so comfortable i looked to see who made them and got online and ordered. We are loving the. I got the standard size

  • Nadine

    We slept on these wonderful and comfy at two different resorts this winter. I had to take a picture of the tag so I could inquire about ordering them and that’s just what I did as soon as we got back home! I ordered two King and two Standard size pillows, also ordered the pillow protectors. Very comfy! My husband kept telling me we didn’t need new pillows at home until he slept on these...we love them!

  • Jennita

    Best sleep I have gotten in a very long time. Fell in love with the pillow on vacation and had to have them for my house.

  • Vikki

    The Sahara Nights pillows are heavenly!! The most restful sleep I've experienced in my life. Great product!

  • Tim

    Best pillows ever! We stayed at a resort and slept on one of these pillows. As soon as I got home I researched and found what type of pillow it was and who sold them. I purchased one for my home I have slept great ever since.

  • Wendy

    Went to Wyndham resort for my birthday. The pillows I noticed were extremely comfortable. I checked the label the next morning and made a note to self to check out Sahara nights sober westex. Well I've been sleeping on these pillows for about a week. I thought that they would have to be broken in but no, pure luxury from the start. I bought 2 king and 3 standard sizes. They are soft and comfortable, does not get hot, now I'm experiencing that resort feeling in my own bed. Love them.

  • SUZY


  • Linda Feuz

    While hubby was hospitalized, I stayed at the Railroad Inn in Cooperstown NY and discovered THE BEST pillows ever on my bed!
    The manager gave me the info to order them...and I did...awesome!

  • Charlotte

    We had these pillows while on vacation in Kauai. The most comfortable pillow I ever used. I order when we’re were still on our vacation and they arrived a day or two after we got home. The pillow feel like down, but not too soft. The most perfect pillow and I am picky. One terrific pillow.

  • Mikel

    Sadly, I was disappointed. I need support and this pillow goes flat almost immediately. My allergies are triggered even after washing the pillow. Too costly & too much trouble to return.

  • Denise D

    My husband and I stayed at Mountain Loft, a BlueGreen Resort in Gatlinburg, 01/2018. We both woke up the first morning remarking how much we LOVED the pillows! They were the most comfortable we could recall in our 50 years. I checked the tag, found the website and ordered our King set before we left Gatlinburg! They arrived quickly and we have been enjoying them ever since!

  • Pam

    We love these pillows. No more sore neck. My husband can't believe what a difference they made in the quality of our sleep.

  • Catherine Gage

    I was staying at a hotel and on the very first night I said this pillow was amazing. I had been having sleeping issues and believe it or not it was my pillows the whole time. I opened up the pillow case and looked in side, I got on the internet and ordered two. Immediately I was sleeping through the night and my neck was not sore. True story. Best pillow I’ve ever had. Ordering 2 more for the guest room st home.

  • Mark

    These are the best pillows on the planet to the point where I now take a checked piece of luggage on any trip so that I may bring two of these pillows with me. They make excellent Christmas presents for the special people on your list.

  • Rowena

    These are the best pillows ever. I have been searching for pillows that are hotel quality. I think these were used in Hotel Vitale in San Francisco when we stayed 2 years ago. I bought 8 for my family. From now on only Sobel pillows at my house!

  • Christine Adams

    the best pillow on the planet that I live on, no more sore neck, so nice cannot believe i found it. have purchase for my Family and they fight over them, so i am buying more. Christine.

  • Teresa

    Slept on these at BlueGreen Daytona Sea Breeze Resort best week of sleep I have ever experienced. As a stomach sleeper very rare to find a pillow that adapts to the neck. Can't wait to recieve these babies.

  • Sandy

    We are staying at the Bluegreen Resort in Williamsburg VA. I slept on these pillows and decided I had to have some. They are without a doubt the most comfortable pillows I have ever experienced.

  • Karen

    Just stayed and the Wyndham Beach Resort in Deerfield Beach and I slept on the most comfortable pillows ever. When I woke the first thing I did was to check the label of these pillows I just had to own them. I just ordered my pillows and I can't wait for them to come...Best Pillows Ever!!!

  • katy

    While staying at the Golden Nugget this past year I came across the most comfortable pillows. I found them to be the Sahara nights. I ordered them and after sleeping on them ... I came to the conclusion these are the best pillows on earth. Thank you so much!!

  • LC

    I will never buy another brand of pillow again! These are heavenly! I first experienced these pillows while staying at the Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas and never had better sleep. I purchased these after that stay, and they are just as great in my own bed. I will be buying the Sobel sheets next!

  • Deb Beukelman

    My husband and I have tried many pillows over the years. We were at the Wyndham Grand Desert in Vegas this summer and fell in love with their pillows. Of course, I wrote down all the info on the tag and as soon as I got home I went online and ordered two of them. We love them. Thanks so much for such great pillows!

  • Adam Diamond

    My wife and I searched for months for your pillows after sleeping on them for the first time at the Wild Horse Pass Hotel

  • Tina

    A little too mushy for my liking. Need a firmer pillow. With all the good reviews was banking on them for a good pillow. Disappointed :(

  • Nina

    The best' nights sleep I've had in a long time. These pillows are amazing."

  • shirley jeffers

    I stayed a Wyndham Resort at National Harbor in Baltimore. The pillows were great, ordering them now!!!

  • Carole

    After searching online for pillows, I decided to give these a try

  • Barbara

    Stayed at Wyndham SeaWatch Plantation in Myrtle Beach and took my own pillows as I always do. I decided to try their pillows and was amazed with them. The best pillow I've ever used and at a good price, will be buying some soon

  • Kevin

    Stayed at a Wydham resort in Hawaii and Myrtle Beach. My Family fell in love with the pillows. With a little research I found out they were Sahara Nights by Sobel Westex. Very reasonably priced. Kevin

  • angela dlugensky

    Stayed at a resort. Sahara nights were the most amazing pillows I ever slept on. Usually I fight with my pillows half the night. These are so comfortable. I slept so much better. I will order them as soon as I get home.

  • Inge

    Stayed at the Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas in Penthouse Suite....took a photo of the tag so I could buy some pillows for home. I was shocked that the Sahara Nights pillows that I fell in love with were in the $20 range not $200 like my current pillows.

  • Elliot Young

    Recently stayed at the Golden Nugget in Atlantic City for 7 days 7/28 thru 8/3. Slept like a newborn. Ive been at the Borgata in AC and the Bellagio in Vegas. Neither had these pillows! Seems like the Golden Nugget has the entire line. NEVER have we slept on a BETTER pillow! Contact Vicki Armstrong at the Golden Nugget. She is the BEST just like these pillows! Ask for room 657 its the best (Only one with a Jacuzzi) All the people writing reviews experienced them in hotels well we are owners now!

  • Lee

    Well I just ordered 6 of the sahara nights pillows. I stayed at an upscale resort in Orlando. My husband and I slept like a dream for 5 nights. I took picture of tag and when I got home went on website to order. My husband and I can't wait for these pillows. . They are the best pillows on earth.

  • Katie

    Just stayed at a Bluegreen Resort in Boyne Mountain - loved these pillows - had to own them! Best pillow I have found which beats out the departments stores pricey pillows!

  • Pauline

    I love, love, love these pillows. These are the only non-down pillows that I have ever enjoyed. We discovered them at the Silverton Hotel in Las Vegas after they did a complete remodel, and OMG, I didn't want to leave the room! It was not just the pillows, but the whole Sahara Nights line. Since then, I've been buying these for my family, and they love them, too. No more department store bedding for me! Thank you for offering these to the public Sobel Westex!

  • Candace

    I had several of these pillows while on vacation and fell in love with them!! I've had 5 corrective surges on my cervical spine and most nights are spent tossing and turning; simply miserable! However, with the Sahara Nights pillow, I have never slept better! Before I left the hotel, I took pictures of the pillow tags to retain it's information and I plan to purchase 4 or 5 of these pillows. Simply the best!!

  • Nigel Miles

    As a frequent traveller across the pond from the USA to the UK I value my rest and sleep to revitalise me so I am fresh and energised to get on with my day to day activities. Having bought two of these pillows I have to say that they are exceptional. They have given me the best nights sleep I have ever had. The pillows are so soft and mould to fit your head so snug. My snoring has stopped and my wife now gets a good night sleep as well. Buy these pillows you will not be disappointed at all

  • Leslie

    I've never had a pillow that I wanted to keep for more than a couple months. I buy them then throw them away, untill I stayed at Primm. When you get to your Hotel room you love to plop down on the bed to see how comfortable the bed and pillows are. When my head hit the pillows OMG I knew I had to have some. I got the phone # from the hotel and as soon as I got home I ordered 2 king size Sahara Nights pillows. My husband loves them too. He now goes right to sleep with out having to punch up the pillow. They keep there form and are just the perfect softness. These are definitly a keeper. I will be back for more at Christmas time for gifts.

  • Dana

    I love these pillows!!! I was in Vegas and the Golden Nugget had these pillow, I had to have them!! I went home and ordered 4 of them. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!

  • Janet

    I slept on these pillows at a Wyndham hotel in Florida. I've been on the search for the perfect pillow because of neck issues and this was it for me. It's very soft but you can conform it how you want and it's extremely comfortable.

  • rosemary morel

    I have tried so many pillows and unhappy with all of them. I heard about your pillows so I figured I would try it. What did I have to lose? Well, it is the best pillow ever and my neck does not hurt anymore. Plus the pillow stays cool and keeps it shape. Normally it takes me 2 or 3 nights to get comfortable with a new pillow. Not this time. I had a great nights sleep the first night. I highly recommend this pillow. As a matter of fact, one of my co-workers bought two of them also.

  • Peter R

    After a perfect night's sleep on this pillow at a hotel, I investigated how I could purchase one for myself. My only criticism of the pillow is that I would like to have TWO to sleep on so that I could have the flexibility of having more or less pillow under my head depending on my sleeping position.

  • Kay L

    Over the past 30 years my husband and myself have gone through 100 pillows in search of the right one. we stayed at a resort last year and never had such a restful sleep. When we were leaving to go back home, I looked in the pillow case and saw the sobel westex web site and the name of the pillow. So I went on line and ordered some and have had a restful sleep since.

  • Linda Miku

    I stripped the pillowcases off the pillows at Terrible Herbst's in Las Vegas before we checked out so I could find out what brand of pillows it was using. Sahara Nights! I have my very own Sahara Nights pillow (no, I did NOT take one of the hotel's!), and after two (or maybe three) years, it's just as comfortable as when I first slept on it! WoW!

  • Nancy

    We always look forward to vacation partly because we LOVE the pillows at our timeshare. This past summer we actually took the pillowcase and protective cover off the pillow to find the pillow tag. We found the Sobel Westex Saraha Nights tag. When we got home the kids wanted me to order new pillows. So I ordered 4 new ones. Thought I could wait to Christmas but they wouldn't hear of it. They are awesome. Love them.

  • Karen P

    Recently purchased 5 of these pillows. Everyone is very happy with them. I was looking to purchase very expensive pillows until I read the reviews for this great pillow. You will love them.

  • Leslie

    My husband and I have bought several different types and brands of pillows, trying to find something comfortable, but were never completely satisfied until we found these. We ordered two of these pillows based on the online reviews. We were so happy with them that we ended up ordering four more - two more for ourselves and two for our guest room. We are sleeping much better since replacing our old pillows with the Sahara Nights.

  • Melissa G.

    I first discovered Sobel Westex while staying at a bed and breakfast that had the most comfortable pillows I had ever known. I took off the pillowcases and wrote down the name from the tag so that I could get some for myself when I got home. I ended up ordering the Sahara Nights pillows, and am so happy with them. I recommend Sobel Westex to all of my friends and family, and I have even had people feel my pillows just to see how amazing they are. I will never buy a different brand pillow again!

  • tony ledonne

    ihave been having neck pain for years.i have tried a lot of other pillows.with no pain releif.went on internet and searched for worlds best pillow and found sobel/westex web sight.purched 4 sahara nights pillows and in lass then a week my neck pain was gone.now i am having pain free sleep all night long.

  • pam

    I was having serious neck pain when I went to Las Vegas back in 2011. The hotel I stayed at had the Sahara Nights pillows. I went to sleep that night and the next morning my neck pain was gone. I wrote down the name of the pillow and bought one. I have been extremely happy with my pillow ever since.

  • Richard Martinez

    my first experience with these pillows was in Las Vegas. it was so wonderful if I had a big bag I would have stolen all four of the pillows. kidding....but instead I got on line and ordered me four of them and because I have had 4 neck surgeries my neck is very picky with the pillows I use. and I have not slept this great since the car accident in 1991. so thank you Sobel Westex. I love the pillows.

  • Kim

    After an extended stay at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, I contacted house keeping to find out where to get their pillows. They are amazing! I purchased 2 for our bedroom and 2 for the guest room. Since then 3 of our guests have proceeded to purchase some for themselves. I highly recommend these pillows for everyone!

  • Keith

    I stayed in Las Vegas, and always loved the pillows. I finally broke down and investigated, these were the pillows. I ordered 4 to start then my whole family ended up getting them. They are high quality and much much better than pillows double the price in my local store. I wear a CPAP device and this pillow is perfect soft and keeps its shape all the time!

  • Virginia Sauvageau

    I am the only crazy lady who looks at pillow labels and yours came up several times at different hotels and time share resorts, and I finally bit the bullet and ordered some pillows I have never slept better and my health has improved. I had breast cancer and was able only to lay cetain ways and these pillows were a blessing. I have ordered more since and will order more again so all my beds have the greatest pillows ever. Thank you!

  • Frankie Gladney

    While on vacation, is when I slept on your Sahara Nights pillows. After the first night I woke up feeling so rested, was the best nights sleep I had experienced in a long while. When my Mom woke up she was sayi g the same thing. So I pulled off the pillow cases to find out what kind of pillows they used at the resort. They were Sahara Nights. As soon as I got home I looked you guys up and ordered four pillows for myself and four for my mother! I love them!

  • George

    We bought 2 of the Sahara Nights king size pillows online. Delivery was very fast and the pillows looked good, however I was doubtful as other pillows I had purchased lost their plush after a few months of use. I am now an extremely pleased customer because these pillows are like brand new after several months of use. These are a great value!!! Best pillow I have ever owned.

  • Emil Franklin

    The Sahara nights pillow love started with Cabo. My sweetheart slept like a baby at our resort in San Jose Del Cabo. She read the pillow tag and insisted on ordering pillows for our house bedrooms. Her father Chris then accidently slept on the Sahara nights pillow and was instantly hooked. No neck pains anymore. Needless to say he now sleeps like a baby too. More pillows to come !

  • Debbie Hollar

    I ordered these pillows because of the reviews it got. The filling in these pillows have the softness I am looking for but I do not like the covering. It reminds me of the pillows in the hospitals. If anyone has stayed in a hospital over night they know that when you move the pillow around it makes noises. I don't know how to describe it besides saying it's sounds something like when you move plastic around. I need to get a pillow with a soft exterior like the interior.

  • Ethan

    About a year ago, I was looking for cheap, somewhat decent pillows. I came across the Sahara Nights pillow which I had heard from several people wondrous things. So I got it, expecting it to be cheaply made, but able to sleep on. To my surprise it was really nice quality, and really gives you your bang for your buck. It's never seems to get hot like my microfiber pillow, and I would defiantly recommend Sobel Westex pillows. Except next time I, myself, think I would get one of their more firm.

  • Dianne Darlington

    Most comfortable pillows ever!! I ordered them after sleeping on some at the Bluegreen Resort in Myrtle Beach. Couldn't believe they were only 22.99 and I had a 30% off coupon code. Have had them 3 months now and they are still like new.

  • Jodie

    I stayed at a BlueGreen resort and experienced the most restful nights sleep due to the pillows. They were Sahara Nights and upon returning home 3 days later, I had already ordered a set of them. They arrived in just a few days and I have been sleeping like a baby from then on. Thank you Sobelwestex Westex for creating such a wonderful product!

  • Vinny

    I love my new pillows. I purchased these pillows after staying at a Wyndham Hotel. My neck has never felt better also I am getting the best sleep of my life.

  • Kathleen Gohr

    After staying at a nice Hotel that featured these pillows in their room, I knew I had to buy some! I had such a good nights sleep on these compared to so many other pillows I have tried. I suffer from neck

  • Judy

    These are the best pillows! I fell in love with them at the Wyndham Resort, so tore the cases off and wrote down the name of them. Went home got on my computer and ordered four. What a delight to have on my own bed, makes everything perfect!

  • Cheryl

    Trusting a friend's recommendation was a smart move on my part. The pillows are firm yet squishable for a perfect neck fit. As long as the quality remains, this will be our go to" pillows from now on."

  • John Remond

    We spent a week at a time-share resort in TN. Our bed had these amazing pillows. After the second night of sleeping on them, I took all the linens off to get the name brand and details. Put a calendar reminder on my phone with the details. The day after we got home, my alarm went off and I ordered my 2 King Size Sahara Nights pillows! Love them

  • Craig Robot

    These are the best pillows we have ever had. They form to your head great and help you sleep in comfort. The next day you pick the pillow up, give it a fluff, and if returns to the shape it was the day you bought it. It's a never ending cycle, day after day, night after night, you get a new, soft, comfortable pillow. I used to have problems with my neck being sore until I slept with these pillows. Never again.

  • R Jaser

    Purchased the sahara pillow and this is a fantastic pillow!! I ave arthritis of spine and pillows have been a real pain in the neck for me. I am able to sleep on this pillow without waking up with a stiff neck. These pillows are so great. I will be buying more for family as gifts. Please end your sales team to Can Cun Mx to sale these pillows there. They need them in their hotels!!! Excellent product!

  • johanna m zauner

    No wonder these pillows are SO popular! I slept on these pillows, for the first time, at a Wyndam resort in Tn. I looked at the tag, wrote down the name and searched on line when we got back home. I was so excited to find that I could purchase them. They truly are comfortable and just the right firmness. I just order 6 more - some for one daughter, because I know they will also love the Sahara nights pillows as much as my husband and I do. Thanks for a truly great pillow!

  • Matthew

    My wife and I stayed at a beachfront hotel which featured the Sobel Westex Sahara Nights Pillows. I knew I just had to buy some for home. The low price for luxury quality pillows surprised me. For good measure, I bought two pillows because I knew someone else in the house would want one. Sure enough, a week later, my 3 year old daughter commandeered mine, at which point I retrieved the backup from the closet. Sobel Westex will be my pillow for life!

  • MR. B

    OK... here's the deal. 5 Star Spa and Resort in Avila Beach , CA. Don't normally do this kind of thing. WOW. Laid the head down for a short nap....wrong. Nap turned into 3 hours. The most fantastic pillows ever. Soft, firm, and they fit. Yes, fit. You can't twist and tweek a foam pillow the way these do. The best part is they jump right back. They stay cool to your face and conform without pressure points. Bought 5 of the Sahara Nights on line from the hotel and spa. Also bought the bedding and Duvex. Even got the family convinced. Planning on buying more. Excellent Customer Service by the way!!

  • Drew Leitman

    It seems to me,all pillows are not created equal.I have had two back surgeries

  • Carrie Randall

    I had been pillow shopping for ages---spending tons of money on various pillows. Nothing stopped my stiff neck, no matter what the price, and one memory foam even cost $100. Then, lucky me. We were in Vegas and I loved the pillow we were sleeping on---I checked the label, found the website, and ordered 4 for us. Since then, I have ordered 4 more for our rental property in Hilton Head. The pillow is soft, but not flat. I highly recommend this pillow. (I'm mainly a side sleeper).

  • Connie

    I slept on this pillow or one close to it at Excalibur in Las Vegas. It was so cool, soft and comfortable I had to take off the case to see what kind it was. As soon as I got home I purchased two. I LOVE them both. I'm a side/stomach sleeper. These pillows stay cool, but even better they scrunch enough to support you in any position. Firm pillows give me a stiff neck and these were the perfect answer! Soon I will replace every pillow in my house!

  • Ashlynne

    I cannot say enough about these pillows. We first tried them at a hotel, and fell in love. When we got home I was overjoyed to find them and immediately bought two. These are the only pillows I will ever use!

  • Bill S

    I personally have not slept on this pillow but after reading the reviews, I purchased 6 to try in our fire stations. The guys love them and for the first time in 30 years, I had no complaints on the quality of the pillows. When these have been issued, I will purchase more. Great price for what you get and good delivery times as well. I highly recommend the Sahara Nights pillows.

  • Heidi Barber

    The Sobel pillows are the BEST pillows I have ever slept on. Now when I go places I have to take my extra Sobel pillows with me or I do not sleep well. In the past I have spent a lot of money trying to find the perfect pillow, I do not have to look anymore.....love this one.

  • Cliff Cress

    We purchased three of the Sahara Nights pillows after we had slept on one at Wyndham Resorts in FL. They are just like feather pillows, so soft, so cool throughout the night. We are going to buy three more.

  • Josh

    those pillows are simply the best ive slept on EVER! took a picture of the tag and came online to buy me some for home..im super happy about my purchase!

  • Jason

    I first found out about these pillows when I stayed at a hotel/casino in Las Vegas that uses them. I had one of the best night's sleep that night. It inspired me to look at the tag on the pillow and contact the manufacturer. I purchased 4 of the king sized pillows and have never slept better! I recommend these pillows to anyone looking for better sleep!

  • Sara Hare

    The best pillow Ever!!! I was having a hard time finding a good pillow and I decided to google Best Pillow Ever" and I found this pillow as a result. I was not disappointed. My husband kept stealing my pillow so we had to get him one too! I will never buy another type of pillow."

  • Joel

    We discovered these pillows on a stay at a Wyndam resort. I loved them so much I wrote down the info and immediately ordered four of them when I got home. It's the first pillow that my wife and I have ever agreed on. She's a back sleeper and I'm a stomach sleeper. The loft is perfect. They fluff up well, and they're super cozy.

  • maria

    I ordered 4 queen sized Sahara Nights pillows online for my family based on reviews of this product and I am so happy I did. We have tried everything from down to therapeutic and none of us were ever happy until now. They are so comfortable and not to mention the price is great!

  • Kathleen

    bought two of these pillows based on the reviews I read about them. After having them for 14 months I tried washing them as they say machine washable. I can not get the water out of the one I washed. No matter how many times I put it through the spin cycle it is still full of water. I spoke with Chris in customer service and was told that pillows should be replaced every year. Why would you if you can wash them. I was told that the problem is the fibers have broken down due to sweat and use. I find that hard to believe. I was told the best they could do is split the cost of a new pillow. SPLIT THE COST. I said forget it. If this is the way they settle a problem with their products I don't want them. For a large company like theirs I was shocked at how they would settle a complaint. Buyer beware they do not stand behind their products. I will never buy one of their products again.

  • maria t

    Best pillow ever. I am sleeping longer and with less awakenings. It must be the pillow. I was introduced to the pillow at Glorieta Bay Hotel - San Diego

  • Karen

    The best pillow ever!!! I had to have these pillows after a stay at the Wyndham Resort in Deerfield Beach FL. These pillows are so soft, fluffy and cozy and formed to the shape of your head I haven't had a good night sleep like that ever! As soon as I woke up I immediately took off the cases just to see who made this heavenly pillow that I just had to have..I purchased my heavenly pillows and I'm enjoying the comfort and pain free sleeps.

  • Robin

    Let others have said, I purchased the Sahara Nights pillow after sleeping on it at a Wyndham Resort in FL. I usually don't sleep on pillows at all because I wake up with a headache. After giving it a shot one night, I immediately took a picture of that pillow so I could find it online. I have been sleeping relatively headache free. I'm sold!

  • betsey

    I can totally understand why this is the most popular pillow..it is simply FABULOUS ....soft, warm, cozy and supportive are the best words to descrive this pillow..I slept on some at the Luxor when I was in Vegas...and I ripped the covers off to make sure I was going to go home and buy these pillows...I did just that I ordered them that night to reduce the nights I would have to sleep on the ones I had at home....These pillows reside in all four of my bedrooms at home and they are still as wonderful as the day I got them home ....KUDOS to Sobel Westex for really knowing how to give a girl a great night!

  • Harold Henningsen

    Stayed at Golden Nugget in Atlantic City NJ in May had the best night sleep. Returned in Sept., again wonderful night sleep. Check label on pillow and when we came home order on-line. Best sleep we have had in a very long time.

  • laura kotlar

    I suffer from cervical disc problems and have tried dozens of different pillows. The Sahara Nights pillow is just right. Most comfortable pillow I have ever owned.

  • Gale

    These are the best pillows ever! After spending some time at a resort in Florida, my husband and I had to have these pillows! Getting ready to order some more!

  • Joy

    I ordered this pillow after sleeping on it on the MS Noordam cruise ship this summer. Get good support when sleeping on back or side.

  • Sara

    Best pillows ever! I had to buy my husband one because he kept trying to steal mine!

  • Joe Morrow

    I needed some new pillows because my old were as flat as a pancake. I bought four and my family was thrilled with them. My daughter already had a pillow she liked but once when I was out of town she slept on my pillow then had to have one of her own. So now I have bought her one also. Sometimes it's hard to get out of bed they are so comfortable. Sweet dreams!

  • Tina Griffin

    I first found these pillows at a hotel in bonnet creek flordia on our hunnymoon. And my huaband has never slept so well on a pillow as long as I have known him (so that pillow had to be ours). Face sleeping, side, back. Slept like a dream. Good support and fluff!! I have two now and hope for morein the future. I love these pillows. But they get back ordered all the time.

  • Andrea Griffin

    I first experienced this product when I slept on it at a Wyndham Hotel in California. It was absolutely amazing to sleep on these pillows! After sleeping on them for two weeks and getting the best sleep I ever had on a pillow, I decided that I MUST have at least one. I love the fact that the pillow doesn't get hot in the middle of the night like most pillows and it doesn't go flat on you. When it was time for me to check out, I pulled the pillow out of its case and took a picture of the tag, texted the information to myself, and emailed it to be sure I never lost the information. I thought to myself this pillow must be really expensive, but to my surprise it's the same cost as most pillows and is a better quality. Regardless of the price, it's worth the money. I've ordered two and have been sleeping heavenly ever since! I have even told my brother and he's ordered one too. I also told my masseuse and she's going to order too. This will now be the only brand of pillows I buy. This pillow is the BOMB! When I tell people about it, they're amazed and even say I should be a spokesperson or do a commercial for the company :). When you experience what I've experienced you'll spread the word too. No regrets!

  • Tom

    These are superior pillows for those of us that are never satisfied! The Sahara Night has proven me wrong, I now get a good nights sleep with out the pillows feeling HOT.

  • Julie Klasna

    I came across these pillows at a hotel here in Vegas and immediately went home and bought 8 of them! They are the most comfortable pillows ever!! They wash easy and always get their shape back. Best purchase ever!

  • Jessica Sullivan

    After sleeping like a baby at a hotel I called and asked what pillows they used. They told me the gel filled ones from this company. Well, these are the only ones that say they are gel filled so I ordered some. The pillows arrived very fast, but they are just way too smooshy for my liking. My neck needs more support and I don't think they are the ones that were at the hotel. I returned the pillows and Sobel refunded my money. This is an amazing company and a delight to do business with.

  • J

    The best pillow ever!! I had these while I was on vacation and loved them so much that I had to buy some!!

  • Mona Wills

    It's hard to believe that one bad review has made the rating on this pillow go down to a 4. This is, without any shadow of a doubt, the BEST pillow in the world. Pure bliss!

  • Bruce Alexander

    The wife and I experienced these pillows while staying at the Luxor resort and were so amazed with them that we, like others, made a point to pull one from the pillow case and write down the name. One of the highlights of our visit to Vegas! We now have four in our home and love 'em!

  • On Texas Time

    I agree with all of the others who gave this pillow a five star rating. Was surfing the net (wanting to replace some old, flat, worn-out pillows), when I came upon the Sobel Westex website. After reading all the glowing reviews about this pillow, I purchased four of them. It was a good decision. My whole family loves these pillows. If you decide to purchase this pillow, you won't regret it!!

  • R Bissett

    I received my queen pillow yesterday, I will say it is a wonderful pillow, I only ordered one, to try , now I will be ordering 3 more, The website MY PILLOW does not hold a candle to this pillow, Finally a restful night. To many bad reviews for MY PILLOW, glad I chose this one instead. THANKS !!!!!!

  • Mona

    I've been looking for a pillow to compare with down pillows, but I found a better one when I stayed at a Vegas hotel. I kept buying and giving away too many pillows. I loved the Sahara Nights pillows so much that I had to buy 6. I gave my mom 2 and I have 4 on my bed. Too bad they are mine.

  • Laura

    I have tried so many pillows and these are nice. The filling is unique. I have a challenge with pressure points on my cheeks and ears and the Sahara Nights does pretty well. No pillow exists that would alleviate my dilemma. I did have to take the filling out of the casing it came in-too stiff and crunchy and did not allow for the full effect of the unique filling. I just put the filling in a pillow protector with a zipper which is great for adjusting the amount of filling I want.

  • j-m peterson

    I LOVE THESE PILLOWS! stayed at the Silvercloud on Broadway in Seattle because i had had surgery. even through post surgery haze, i knew that these were the best pillows ever! i tried to buy some there but they did not sell them and did email me the website. Ordered 10 on tuesday, got them that saturday. i still have two but have been giving them as presents to friends and family who complain about neck/shoulder/back pain. everybody LOVES them, it isn't just me!

  • Neva mine

    Slept great with two of the Sahara pillows, great neck support with a great night sleep.

  • deb

    BEST PILLOW EVER! Period. End of review. It's that easy.

  • Wendy

    Best pillows ever! The hotel was a dive but I was pleasantly surprised when my head hit the pillow! I took a picture of the pillow tag and promptly ordered several for my home! Thank you Sobel Westex

  • Leilani Tipton

    Could not believe how well I slept on this pillow last summer!!! It made such a difference that I looked it up and ordered several for myself!! About to purchase more of them and telling all my friends about this wonderful pillow!

  • linda ruggiero

    We purchased these pillows after experiencing a most comfortable 2 nights sleep at a hotel last year. they've kept their shape and comfort even after these several months. Most amazingly and unexpectedly, my husband who suffered from trigeminal neuralgia found since sleeping on these pillows has not experienced the pain at night. In fact, when he's slept on other ones, when away or to experiment, he would feel the discomfort. This alone is priceless, We are grateful .

  • Carol

    My daughter was introduced to these pillows at a friends house. She thought these were the best pillows she had ever used. So, I found out where to order them. When she saw the pillows, she was thrilled. She is now getting some of the best nights of sleep ever. I'm thinking these may make great Wedding and/or Christmas Gifts for family members

  • Phillip Sylvester

    While staying at the Silverton Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas my wife and I fell in love with these pillows, and ordered them before we even got home! They are amazing and the most comfortable pillows that I have ever slept on. It's not hard getting a great nights sleep with Sahara Night pillows. We even ordered the duvet and have loved everything we have ever bought from Sobel Westex! They have life long customers in my wife and I!

  • Marci Branaugh

    This is by far the most amazing pillow ever because it makes my very pillow picky hubby happy!! (As well as the rest of the family.) We don't even bother looking for pillows elsewhere. I get online place an order and wa-la they arrive; like a little piece of heaven delivered directly to my doorstep. We too discovered these my accident on a stay at the Luxor in Las Vegas and have been sleeping soundly ever since. I HIGHLY recommend this pillow, it's a purchase you will not regret.

  • Mary Ann

    After sleeping on this pillow at a Las Vegas Hotel, and getting the best nights sleep, I ordered 4 for my bed at home. My husband and I just love them. Never have to worry about them going flat or getting out of shape. They always bounce back.

  • Marcy

    Have ordered many things online, but this is the first time I've been so happy with my purchase that I wrote a review. These pillows are fantastic! And my husband doesn't rave about anything - but he is raving about these pillows!

  • Bonita Brousseau

    We slept on these at the Aliante Hotel in Las Vegas and wrote down the information from the pillow so I could order some at home. Love, love these pillows.

  • Henry Burton

    My Mother and I Wen't on a trip to Las Vegas on 10-26-2014 to 10-30-2014. We used these pillows at a hotel we where staying at, and had a wonderful nights sleep. We just returned from our stay in Vegas, and we both are in terrible pain from our old pillows. I'm tossing our old pillows out, as I have just ordered 4 of these wonderful pillows! We can't wait to have these pillows on our beds!! 5 STAR

  • Posted on 10.31.14 stayed at Luxor in Vegas. The pillows made such an impression on us. We slept so good and my neck did not h"

    stayed at Luxor in Vegas. The pillows made such an impression on us. We slept so good and my neck did not hurt at all. At home I sleep with a special neck pillow, but no more because I have to order these pillows. LOVE THEM

  • Jessica

    Discovered them during a business trip in a hotel and I had to have them....Best pillows ever!

  • Jacquline

    I slept on this pillow for two nights at a resort. I slept so peacefully and my neck did not hurt. I want these pillows in my room and guest rooms.

  • Terry

    Stayed a few nights at the Silverton in Las Vegas....LOVE these pillows,

  • Stacie

    We stayed at the Wyndham in Branson, MO and the pillows are wonderful. No neck pain or headache.

  • rashelle

    Slept on this pillow the past 4 nights at the Luxor in Vegas. I can't remember the last time I have slept so well. Normally, I wake up with a stiff neck and/or a migraine. I have tried countless pillows with no relief. My 8 year old and my husband both raved about the pillows in our room. Just ordered a set for our bed at home. Best pillow ever!!!!!

  • Barre Flynn

    I stayed at the Wyndham in Orlando and slept with this pillow. I forget to get the name, I got home and called them to find out the name. Finally after a relentless search I got the pillow on my bed at home. My friend arrived back at the hotel today and he just verified that this was the correct pillow. I love this pillow, bought one for the granddaughter and she loves it to. Going to by more!

  • Angel

    We just stayed at the Monte Carlo recently and they had three pillows on the queen beds. One really soft one, a medium one and then a firm one. This was great because I knew just which one to order. Chris with support was super helpful and I will be looking forward to a weekend with these amazing pillows :D

  • Sharon Cedor

    We have stayed at the Luxor in Vegas multiple times. I love these pillows. Now we have our own. Plan on getting a couple more. Fantastic!

  • Maureen

    I spent the night at a Wyndham resort in Branson, MO and LOVED the pillows there! I copied the name and numbers off the tag and ordered one as soon as I got home. I am thinking of ordering more for gifts.

  • Sky

    Spent the night at the Wyndham in Lake Buena Vista, while on a weekend holiday to WDW and fell IN LOVE with this pillow!! Never slept better and have ordered 6 of them! About to order another 3!! Thank you Sobel!!

  • Doris

    Cannot believe that I am sitting at a table, on vacation and ordering pillows. I have also stripped the pillow case down to find the make. This are the best pillows I have EVER slept on.

  • K Howard

    My husband and I love these pillows!

  • Deborah M.

    Recently stayed in Las Vegas at the Luxor for 5 nights and wow were these pillows fantastic. I just wanted a whole bed made of these pillows. When we returned home we ordered the pillows IMMEDIATELY! They are so soft and comfy, any where your head turns on the pillow is good. You don't feel like you have to adjust the pillows at all. I think I will purchase these for gifts for friends next Christmas

  • Frawgie

    Had these pillows in Vegas at the Luxor Hotel. They stayed cool and very comfy to sleep on. I had no neck problems as I do with standard pillows(even the ones from JCPenny and Bed, Bath and Beyond)!

  • Dora

    I sometimes think I'm the 'sleeping pea princess' who could detect the presence of a 'pea' under 20 mattresses. I always get headaches from pillows who lose their 'fluff' all too soon - becoming hard and flattened and the source of awful headaches that wake me from sleep. Was searching online for the best pillow and came across this popular 'hotel' pillow. Based on all the raving reviews, I am going to order a few. I hope it will put an end to my morning headaches!!

  • terry1247

    If you ever had a bad night of sleep or insomnia, you need to get these pillows. I am 65 years old and I can't rave enough about the comfort, feel, coolness of these pillows. I am giving them for holiday gifts !

  • Debbie

    Stayed at a nice resort on Lincoln N.H. Slept so well that we had to see where the pillows were from. Researched them on our way home and placed an order! Love them!

  • Kyle Myers

    We used these pillows while staying at the Worldmark condo in Kihei, Maui and we LOVED them! I got home and ordered my very own! Love it! No more neck aches for me!!!

  • rochelle

    stayed at the Resorts in Atlantic city nj loved the sahara nights pillows soooo much and i'm hard to please.They were great.Slept well and so did my husband hardly any tossing and turning.Great pillow better than memory foam

  • Michael Bornstein

    Great pillow. We first used them at the Whyndham (?) hotel in Virginia Beach and loved them. We purchased 6 pillows and do not regret buying them

  • Karen D'Angelo

    Vacationed June 2015 at Wyndham Resort in Daytona Beach, FL where our bed had 4 standard Sahara Night pillows. O my, I fell in love with them, looked on the pillow for website and when we got home I ordered four for us. I have all kinds around my home from those neck fitted, to pillow foam and I woke up every morning with a neck ache. Haven't since using my Sahara. I would Definately recommend

  • Bettie Black

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! We stayed at a resort while in Montana. After a very restful night's sleep, my husband and I both commented on these pillows. Yes, I even took the pillow cases off to get the name of them. So excited to find them online and at a very reasonable price! I'm ordering for us and extras for gifts. Thank you for making such a great product!

  • Horacio

    we recently spent sometime in las vegas at the excalibur, a hotel and casino i don't recommend however about the only really good thing was the pillows. I suffer chronic neck pain usually from my pillows, i would wake up with severe headaches caused by my sore neck. to make the long story short i spent 3 nights at the hotel and woke up with no pain at all, i was just shock that just never happens to me. from the first night i told my wife see where we can get this pillow and now i just order 8

  • Lynn R.

    After reading the reviews I decided to try these pillows. I ordered two kings for my husband and I. WOW! These are the best pillows. I will recommend to my friends. If you're reading this and wondering if you should try these or not...just do it. You won't be sorry.

  • Tami-Burke Christian Tours

    I recently stayed at the Inn on the River in Pigeon Forge TN - fell in LOVE with the pillows and sheets!! Told the Sales Manager I HAD to have them!! Am ordering them now!! :) Best bedding ever!!

  • Barbara

    Stayed at the Wyndham in Lake Buena vista Florida and noticed how comfortable the pillow's were. for the first time ever I did not have neck pain. My husband noticed the same thing. We took the pillow cases off to see if we could get information on these pillows which led me to this web site. We are now ordering them for our home.

  • Candyce

    These are the best pillows ever! I've been trying different pillows and none of them compare to these. It's the first time in my life my neck wasn't sore in the morning.


    I stayed at Wyhdham Kinggate in Williamsburg,Va. The pillows were GREAT!!! Must have these pillows.

  • Annette

    I bought this pillow because of all of the good reviews. It is a very soft pillow with no support. I am a side sleeper so the pillow was not for me. It is the softest pillow they sell. I was not aware of that. But if you like a very soft pillow of good quality you will probably like this one. Also, their customer service is great.

  • Jessica Younger

    He best pillow ever!!! My husband and I and a group of friends stayed at the Luxor in Las Vegas and the pillows were the best part! We ordered them online from our phones from the airport on the way home! Super fast shipping and we are in heaven I have never slept better!!!

  • Jeanne

    Stayed at a Wynaham Grand in Orlando Florida. The pillows were great! Ordering pillows today.

  • Carole

    Spent the night at the Green Valley Resort and Spa last night and the first thing we noticed was the wonderful pillows. I couldn't even wait until I got home to order some. I ordered 4 on my iPad on the way home. Can't wait till they arrive!!

  • Nicole

    Just left timeshare where I slept on this pillow for seven nights. I have a sleep number pillow I brought with me but didn't use...made sure I looked at tag to find out what pillow they were and are ordering three now! I have back and neck issues and this is the best pillow ever!

  • judith

    Stayed for 3 nights at the hotel indigo in downtown baltimore. The most comfortable pillow i have ever laid my head on. I pried open the case and looked at the tag. Aha! M ordering these for myself. Love it!

  • Pat Kabo

    Slept on the Sahara Nights pillows for a week at Wyndham Skyline Tower in Atlantic City. Both my husband and I commented every morning about the restful sleep we had with the pillows. We currently have about 16 pillows in a spare room which have been bought and tried and didn't make the grade. It looks like our search for the perfect pillow may be over!

  • Leslie

    My husband and I stayed in a resort in AC oh my oh my we both slept so good I had to experience this at home / I know there are many reviews about these pillows oh well here's one more I ordered 4 and can't wait until they arrive we will never sleep on any other pillow besides the Sahara thank you sooooo much . L J

  • Chris

    I have neck problems, I have been struggling with finding the right pillows for a while. We went to Orange lake resort in Florida. I have not slept that great in a long time, I cant wait to receive my pillows.. They were wonderful I slept all night without any neck pain.

  • Jenny

    Stayed for four nights at the Luxor in Las Vegas. My friend and I both agreed that the one thing we loved the most about our room were the pillows. I asked at the front desk right before check out where they got the pillows and they gave me the website and pillow type that was used. This will be my Christmas present to everyone this year. I've never had a more restful sleep in my life.