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  • Washed Linen 14pc Comforter Set

    Washed Linen 14pc Comforter Set

    Warm and calming grays, pinks and browns make up this regal 14 piece Washed Linen Super bed set with comforter, coverlet, bedsheets, shams and mounds of pillows
    $99.99 - $119.99
  • 8pc Bouquet Comforter Set

    8pc Bouquet Comforter Set

    Bright, contemporary European style floral design 8 piece comforter set with matching pillows to brighten your bedroom.
    $69.99 - $99.99
  • 11 Piece Vino Rosso Comforter Set

    11 Piece Vino Rosso Comforter Set

    Warm, classical and inviting, this beautiful comforter set looks like an Italian tapestry. Feel like royalty on a Mediterranean vacation when you treat yourself to this sumptuous and warm comforter set.
  • 7 Piece Hana Dream Comforter Set

    7 Piece Hana Dream Comforter Set

    Rich Japanese floral pattern 7 piece luxury comforter set in deep gold and blues. The evocative, relaxing colors and plush comfort will add tasteful lull you to sleep.
  • Sobella Duvet Inserts

    Sobella Duvet Inserts

    Cuddle under our cozy resort-quality box-stitched comforter, beautiful on its own or with your favorite duvet cover.
    $59.99 - $78.99

Linen Comfort in Grays, Browns, and Pink. Not to Mention Floral Prints.

There's nothing quite as comfortable on a cold morning as the right comforter or duvet. Shop our selection of 8-piece and 14-piece sets, or select the perfect insert for your duvet comforter (tip, you can use it without a duvet cover just fine!)

As for all of our hotel quality linens, the attention to fabric selection, durable construction, and elegant aesthetics make Sobel the perfect brand for decorating any bedroom in your house and bringing hotel quality comfort and luxury home.

Order any of our products on line and also something else Sobel Westex is great at: terrific customer service and quick shipping.