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Sobella Supremo Pillow

Sobella Supremo Sobella Supremo Sobella Supremo Sobella Supremo Pillow
Sobella Supremo
Sobella Supremo Pillow
A customer favorite and similar to the Sobella Soft "Disney Pillow", this heavenly soft, gel-filled pillow has less loft but all the same comfort and style. It's a great choice for back and stomach sleepers looking for gentle support without too much height. For cool, durable comfort, the Sobella Supremo's outer casing is made of high quality, 300 thread count 100% dobby cotton and is elegantly set with a beautiful cambric weave pattern.

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A customer favorite and similar to the Sobella Soft "Disney Pillow", this heavenly soft, gel-filled pillow has less loft but all the same comfort and style. It's a great choice for back and stomach sleepers looking for gentle support without too much height. For cool, durable comfort, the Sobella Supremo's outer casing is made of high quality, 300 thread count 100% dobby cotton and is elegantly set with a beautiful cambric weave pattern.

What Makes Our Sobella Supremo Pillows Luxury, Hotel Quality

More About the Sobella Supremo Pillow

Designed with a beautiful cambric weave pattern for that perfect touch of elegance. Made with 100% cotton.

Product Features

  • gel fiber filling provides gentle support and holds it shape
  • 300 thread count, 100% dobby cotton for cool comfort and durability
  • Cambric weave pattern on covering

This pillow is perfect for stomach or back sleepers


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  • Marz

    Borrowed a friends pillow - best sleep ever - this was the link she sent me to buy 1 like hers... I'm "sorely" disappointed- I bought 2 cause I LOVED hers! But these are flat! Like they're only filled about 75% - the stuffing is great quality and allergies dont flair! But I miss the support of the pillow I borrowed! I know it was Sobel.... but they must've changed them

  • doris grenier

    i went to pop century in nov and found that the soft pillow was great no neck pain so i went home and ordered 2 disney pillows in the soft and i love them.

  • Disney

    These pillows are good. They do not feel like the ones I used at disney. The do not have the fluffiness and firmness I remembered. But they are ok.

  • Andrew

    I bought these after reading the tags on the Disney pillows. These are terrible. It’s like laying your head on toilet paper. Totally flat.

  • Michele

    I ordered these pillows since Disney said these are the same pillows from their resorts that I can only get a good night sleep on with no neck pain. This is NOT the same pillow! We just went and stayed at Riverside and the pillows there say Sobella Soft and is not the same as Supremo. Best 2 weeks of sleep I’ve had in ages. Their pillows are not gel pillows at all, those hurt my neck even worse than the Target pillows I had.

  • Amanda

    I’ve had neck pain for years. I first slept on this pillow at Disney’s Pop Century Resort in March, 2018. I ordered four pillows as soon as I got home. I have slept with two of these myself every single night since (it is now September 1, 2019). During the five years prior to this, I had purchased multiple pillows for up to $150 each, and I was never satisfied. I changed pillows every few nights because of neck pain. My Disney pillows are now going flat and lumpy after a year and a half, but for less than $30 each I am simply going to replace them. I have saved so much money and eased my neck pain considerably with this pillow. I am convinced they come delivered with just a little Disney magic.

  • Karen

    These pillows are not the pillows Disney hotels use. Very flimsy and not at all comfortable. Very disappointed. Bought 6 and will never recommend.

  • Kristen Allen

    These pillows are absolutely amazing! They feel like soft fluffy clouds! They are heavenly!

  • Mark Drake

    Ordered 5 of the standard size pillows. They were nice at first but not like the Disney resort pillow and did not hold up. Disposed of all of them after just a little over one year. Disappointed in this product.

  • Jade

    I was skeptical honestly because of the reviews. I have HORRIBLE neck pain to the point where I can’t turn my head, and that my chiropractor couldn’t even adjust it because of how tense it is. When I went to Disney World, I stayed at the Pop Century. During that entire time, I eventually noticed that my neck stopped hurting almost completely, and I fell asleep much easier. I figured it was the pillows and found the one I slept on. These to me are almost EXACTLY the same as Disney. They’re a soft fluffy pillow, so going fast isn’t a shock. Literally just take 20 seconds of your night and fluff it. I notice almost no difference in these, other than I have one instead of two pillows. At the hotel I loved them, but my mom said they go flat easy and she wasn’t a fan. So it’s not for everyone.

  • Teri

    Best pillow I have had in years!!! I am about to order a few more. Never believed a pillow could make a difference with sleep until I got a Sobel.

  • Roy

    This pillow is wonderful, First experience was at Grand Sierra, and I love it. Highly recommend whether you sleep on back or side like I do.

  • Karen

    Great pillow. Love it!

  • bonnie c

    After a many fitful nights of throwing pillows on the floor and looking for one I could sleep through the night with, this is the one. I stay asleep and comfy all night. YEAH



  • Daniella

    I tried one at Disney and fell in love. I bought it and it’s nothing like the one I had at the resort. I don’t know if it’s because the one at Disney was a king size but I bought a queen sized pillow and don’t even use it now. Very disappointed. It goes completely flat.

  • Edward Stovcsik

    While on a Princess cruise, these pillows were on the bed. Simply the best for a good overall sleep. Didn't need to use two pillows.

  • Roseann

    While in Disney I had the perfect sleep using their pillows. When I came home, my neck and shoulders were killing me again. My friend happened to be in Disney & asked about the pillows for me & I ordered 2 of them. I have them about 3wks now and my neck and shoulders don’t hurt & am finally able to sleep. I tried that My Pillow too & it’s no good. This one is so much better.

  • Martha Carr

    Like many who have purchased this pillow from you, we are Disney fans! We have never slept on a bad pillow in all of our visits over many years. I said this year that I was going to try and find them and order them. They are wonderful and the price was great!

  • Amy

    I'm not impressed. I have been searching for a great pillow for quite some time and thought I had finally found one. I have not even had this pillow a month and it has already lost its shape...it doesn't hold up overnight at all. Very disappointing.

  • Mallory

    After staying at Port Orleans, and waking up everyday without neck problems...I knew I needed these pillows!! The first week back I ordered 5 and handed them out to everyone at home. Plus taking a piece of Disney Home with me was a plus. ;)

  • Jeremy

    The best purchase I made in a long time. My wife and I love these pillows!

  • Sigi

    We stayed at the Contemporary Resort at Disney World and absolutely loved these pillows. So needless to say when we arrived home ordered some right away. the best pillows we ever slept on.

  • Mandy

    These pillows are amazing! We recently stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge Kidani Village and fell in love with them.We bought 7 of them when we got home and they are fantastic!

  • Westah Daniels

    This is the perfect pillow for me. I had neck surgery two years ago, and it has been a battle trying to find a pillow that is comfortable. I spent the night at a resort in Orlando, and they had these pillows. I slept very well. This pillow molds to my neck and head, and does not leave me laying in stressful positions. I finally don't wake up with headaches.

  • Tanya

    I slept on this pillow at Disney Pop Century Resort. I loved it, so I looked to see if I could find the brand on the pillow and to my surprise, they kept the tag on. I immediately sent an email inquiring about purchasing this pillow along with the Sahara Nights pillow (as per the resort) since I was only going to be in Orlando for 4 more days and there was no shipping to Canada. I got a quick response and was able to order the pillows to the resort with 1 day shipping turn around, FANTASTIC!!!! Since I am a side sleeper, I find it hard to find pillows that do not hurt my neck. The Sobella Supremo and Sahara Nights pillows are the right combination that allows me to get such a good sleep with no neck pain in the morning. Definitely worth buying and adding them to my luggage to bring back to Canada.

  • Reba

    Bought these because of the Disney Dream pitch. These pillows are not very supportive. If you lay on your back, you might as well use nothing. The pillow flattens under your head, pushing the contents to either side of your head. If you lay on your side, the same thing happens. I've had to smush it into a ball in order to get any support. If a very firm pillow was added underneath, you may be happier. But that's assuming you like sleeping at such an angle. I won't buy these again.

  • Valerie Ransom

    I slept on this pillow at Disney Beach Club Resort. I loved it, but didn't get the info while I was in Disney. I called Disney, they gave me the info and I called Sobel and ordered it! I have 2 herniated disks in my upper neck, and this is the Best Pillow! I have tried a lot !!Love the service I received too!

  • Amanda Buchanan

    I ordered this pillow as I was told it was the same as the one I slept on at Disney's Contemporary. It def is not the same as it just sinks down and falls flat...highly disappointed.

  • Kathryn DeLeonardis

    On a recent trip to Disney my granddaughter fell in love with the pillows. I took the information from the tag and called to see if I could order that pillow. The representative was wonderful. He was able to order me that same pillow. She was thrilled when she received it at her dorm in Boston. Thank you for a great product and great customer service. She says it’s the most comfortable pillow she’s ever slept on.

  • Lauren T.

    I pretty much only sleep super well when I'm at Walt Disney World. After many failed pillows at home, I thought I'd give this a try. They are THE Disney Pillow! I've had it for a week's rest and I sleep through the night and have no pains waking up. I'm so happy with these and I highly recommend them!

  • Cabrini mohr

    When our family was in Disney World we loved the pillows so much that I called Sobel and asked the name of them. I ordered 8 Sobello Supremo pillows this month. When they came and I tried one ,it was extremely soft and sank down . It was terrible so I had my daughter try it and she too hated it, saying it felt nothing like the pillow at Disney. I looked at the ticket on the pillow and it had the date of January 2018. I called Sobel and asked if they changed the inside of the pillow and was told that they hadn't. I am SO DISAPPOINTED and I would never buy these pillows again.

  • Tammy

    Love my pillow. Slept on one at Pop Century at Walt Disney World and my husband and I knew we had to have one. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is because I didn’t know which to order sobrella or sobrella supremo. I got one sobrella for my husband at Christmas and order this one for me. I like his better. Worth the little bit extra. Both are great pillows. Could not go back to my old ones.

  • c b

    I slept on these pillows at Animal Kingdom Lodge at Disney and loved them. Copied the pillow tag to order when I got home. Better than my down pillows! Need to order more for my boys.