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Sahara Nights II Pillow

Sahara Nights II Pillow Sahara Nights II Pillow Sahara Nights II Pillow Sahara Nights II Pillow Sahara Nights II Pillow
Sahara Nights II Pillow
Sahara Nights II Pillow
$37.99 - $42.99
A plush,firm brushed microfiber-filled pillow for side sleepers, this newest addition to our most popular line holds its shape to provide night after night of just the right level of support in luxurious comfort. Features a 100% polyester cover for easy care and durability, and a smooth, soft feel that lulls you to sleep.

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A plush,firm brushed microfiber-filled pillow for side sleepers, this newest addition to our most popular line holds its shape to provide night after night of just the right level of support in luxurious comfort. Features a 100% polyester cover for easy care and durability, and a smooth, soft feel that lulls you to sleep.
Product Features
  • - Firm support for dedicated side sleepers
  • - Brushed microfiber filling for an ultra comfortable feel
  • - 100% polyester casing
  • - Silpure antimicrobial finish discourages growth of bacteria and minimizes odors.
  • - Easy care and machine washable

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  • Donna

    Ordered this because it said firm for a side sleeper. Unfortunately, it is not firm and I am not happy with it. However, guess that is what you get when you order sight unseen. Darn.

  • Debbie

    My head actually sinks right through the pillow. No support or comfortable. Not firm enough.

  • Benjamin olteanu

    My wife loves these pillows, there the same quality as the time share we stayed at. Finally getting a good night sleep with these pillows. We order 6 pillows all different styes to try them all out. So far they all are very comfortable to sleep with

  • Laurie Aiello

    I fell in love with "a" pillow at a hotel. I took a picture of the tag and found that they sell them. I ordered the exact pillow that was on the tag. Was delivered today and they are NOT firm at all. The pillows they sent me are way too soft. So very very disappointed!!! Now I have to go thru the return bull of what they will reimburse me and what they won't. these are NOT cheap pillows either.

  • Linda

    I first discovered the brand while staying at a Wyndham hotel. I loved the pillows and had been looking for a new comfortable pillow. I am a side sleeper and the pillows I've tried have often been too hard on my ears. This pillow is firm enough to support my neck, yet plush enough to cradle my ears. I bought one for me and one for my husband... we both LOVE them! Fantastic product for a fantastic price!! Thank you!!

  • Michael Bennett

    I was first introduced to these pillows during a hotel stay. It was one of the best nights sleep I’ve experienced away from home thanks to these pillows. I decided to purchase them for my home. I would have rated them five stars if they lasted longer than eight months before going flat. However, because of the reasonable price I have been replacing them within this time frame. I am a side, back, and belly sleeper and no matter what position I choose I have a restful nights sleep.

  • Cynthia Murray

    All I can say is I finally "LOVE MY PILLOW!" "My husband and myself have finally found the right pillow with the Sahara Nights 11 pillow. I have purchased, too many to count pillows, and after spending $100's of dollars and being disappointed, time after time. This pillow is like sleeping on air! Not too hard and not too soft or flat. This pillow is absolutely worth trying. YOU WILL LOVE IT!

  • Rose Bowman

    Am really enjoying the firmness of these pillows. I have only had them for a couple of weeks but they are great

  • Amy Wright

    I recently vacationed in Branson, TX at a Holiday Inn Resort. Had the best sleep due to your wonderful pillow. Before I left I made sure I got the information of the pillow tag. Arriving home I ordered one, and received it quickly. I am very satisfied.Love this pillow. Thank you

  • Becky

    The only reason I am giving this pillow a 'Good' is because it is just a little too firm for me. However my husband loves his! So he now has two pillows. I will purchase these again.

  • Suzanne

    Speedy arrival! Purchased this pillow after going on vacation and this is what the resort had. I even take my own pillow when we go on vacations but didn't use it the entire week. I will be purchasing more.

  • Amber Parker

    By no stretch of the English language would these be defined as "firm." Heed my warning! I bought 5 pillows, and while shipping was free, return shipping was not. Since I wont pay $60 to ship back, Im serging 8" off the ends of these pillows so they are useable. I have regrets, and will never purchase from Sobel or deal with their unsympathetic customer service again.

  • Beverly

    Speedy arrival and wonderfully soft. Unfortunately, it is NOT what I consider a 'firm' pillow! A 'firm' pillow should NOT drap over your arm.... my head went straight to the mattress! Would have returned, but when you have to pay for shipping both way (that total the cost of the pillow) and I STILL wouldn't have a pillow.... my dog loves it though.

  • Nelta

    no more stiff neck in mornings. I love my pillow.

  • Glenda

    Best pillows ever!

  • Brian

    Disappointed. These are not firm at all, and not nearly tall enough for an adult. If you are a side-sleeper and need extra support for your neck, look elsewhere.

  • Dolly

    I purchased both the firm and medium side sleeper pillows and love them both. They’re comfortable to sleep on and hold their shape. If they ever wear out I’ll purchase same ones again!

  • Tammy

    Went to Myrtle Beach for vacation and the hotel has these pillows, came home and ordered them! Love Love Love them!!!

  • Melodee Smith

    We stayed at the Holiday Inn Resort in Canyon Lake, and the pillow was amazing. No stiff neck in the morning. I looked at the tag and ordered the pillow online. I’ve never done that before, but I really loved the feel and comfort of this pillow. It arrived quickly and hasn’t disappointed. Love it!

  • Christalee May

    Every time we visited a resort at the beach, I noticed my neck didn’t hurt in the morning. The pillows were so comfortable, I had to check out the labels on the pillows and linens. Google brought me to Sobella. I LOVE my new pillows! I ordered the Sahara Nights II and the Sahara Nights. I prefer the II, but they are both ultra comfortable. I plan to order more soon for my kid’s beds. (They keep trying to steal my pillow) ;)

  • Hiker 80

    We bought two king size firm pillows and are very happy with them. They give you great support, but also feel nice and soft due to the large amount of filling. Where the pillows are large, they fluff up nicely for a great nights sleep.

  • Campbell family

    We highly recommend this pillow

  • Maryse

    these pillows are awesome!!

  • Nadina

    We also stayed at Orange Lake in Florida!! I love these pillows I just ordered 4!!

  • James Deacon

    Experienced these pillows at a hotel and ordered them. We love them!

  • Renee

    We stayed at Orange Lake near Orlando, Fl and absolutely LOVE these pillows. I ordered four of them after we got home and have not been disappointed.

  • Sheila

    Had purchased pillow after pillow to find one that left me rested in the mornings...with no success. Went on vacation & stayed in a lodge near Branson, MO. & had the best night's sleep I've had in years...with no neck or back pain when I woke the next morning! I checked the mfg. tag on pillow & ordered your pillow as soon as I got home! Couldn't be more pleased....with pillow and with the cost of it!