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Dolce Notte Pillow

Dolce Notte Pillow Dolce Notte Pillow Dolce Notte Pillow Dolce Notte Pillow Dolce Notte Pillow Dolce Notte Pillow
Dolce Notte Pillow
Dolce Notte Pillow
$35.99 - $39.99
Super comfortable firm pillow for side sleepers, this super fine brushed microfiber-filled pillow will lull you to sleep in extraordinary comfort. This pillow delivers firm support and will not lose its shape or fall flat. Machine washable, 100% cotton and 233 thread count provide softness and durability. Also treated to resist bacteria and odors, your pilllow will help you sleep like a baby night after night.

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Super comfortable firm pillow for side sleepers, this super fine brushed microfiber-filled pillow will lull you to sleep in extraordinary comfort. This pillow delivers firm support and will not lose its shape or fall flat. Machine washable, 100% cotton and 233 thread count provide softness and durability. Also treated to resist bacteria and odors, your pilllow will help you sleep like a baby night after night.

Our Best Pillow for Side Sleepers

Product Features
  • Firm support for dedicated side sleepers
  • Brushed microfiber filling for an ultra comfortable feel
  • 100% polyester cover
  • Silpure antimicrobial finish helps to discourage the growth of bacteria and minimizes odors.
  • Easy care and machine washable

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  • Jan

    I couldn’t wait for this pillow to arrive! I’d slept on a Sobel pillow at a Wyndom resort. I came home and immediately looked on-line to order two of these pillows.
    What a colossal disappointment these pillows are! They are nothing like those at the Wyndom resort. They are flat and shapeless and provide NO support whatsoever! When I put my hands on either side of this pillow and lightly press them together, my fingers touch each other with no problem. Yes, they are that thin!
    I will use them in my dogs’ crates....that’s how bad they are!!!!

  • Neal

    If you are a side sleeper -- this is the pillow for you--otherwise look for another type (they have one for everyone). I love it.

  • Jon

    Very uncomfortable. Advertised as firm but my head sank right into it. Called to return it and was reminded of the 20% restocking fee. USPS wants $62 to ship them back. I’ll burn them first. They’re not even worth donating to Goodwill.

  • Marilyn

    I've just ordered another one of these pillows. Love them! They cushion my head just right and are "snuggly".

  • Sean

    I'm confused by all the good reviews. I was directed to this product like most others here who liked pillows in a Wyndham hotel. I ordered three but found they were nothing like the pillows in the hotel. They are very weak and the stuffing spreads out and lets my head fall to the mattress during the night. I would return them, but with the shipping cost to get them and send them back plus a 20% restocking fee, it's not really worth it. Buyer beware.

  • Victoria

    First experience with this pillow was in Atlantic City NJ. Best night sleep ever. I planned on stealing the pillow from the hotel but then I noticed the tag on the pillow and I went online and bought the exact one. Actually I bought 4! Everyone in my home is sleeping better! We all love it!

  • Marilyn

    I experience a Sobel pillow at a Wyndham Resort in Orlando, FL. Checked the tag to get the name and went on line when I got home. Found this pillow and ordered it. Best thing I ever did! I've only had it less than a month but know it's why I'm sleeping better already.

  • Becky

    I wanted pillows like I slept at I’m MGM Grand in Vegas, although these are not the exact pillows, they are very close. One thing to keep in mind is that hotel pillows are very broken in, and these when brand new, are very puffy. It will take me a while to break them in, but I’d rather them be too puffy than too flat! These are very large when buying king size. Very good value!!

  • Cindy Phillips

    Best sleep in years! I am able to sleep up to 4 hour intervals. Also seems to be helping my stiff neck. Great pillows!

  • Dbledee

    I slept on this pillow when I stayed at a hotel in Atlantic City and loved it. I asked if I could buy it and was told to contact the website on the pillow tag and did just that. I ordered my pillow while still in Atlantic city and received it in couple of days. I still love it. I have been looking for a good pillow for a long time and I finally found it.!

  • Mary

    Discovered this pillow while staying at the ALL STAR MOVIES RESORT in Disney. I am a side sleeper so I tend to move a lot during the night. My first night I slept like a baby on this pillow and was so curious as to what kind of pillow I had slept on, so I investigated and looked under the pillow case. Took a photo of the label and well the rest is history :)

  • Tim

    Found out about Sobel from a hotel and ordered the Dolce Notte pillow. I am a side sleeper and this pillow provides excellent neck support and soft. I will purchase this pillow again.

  • Erika

    I've slept on this pillow for over one year and it has provided good support for my neck. It is a bit too puffy the first few months though and then about 6 months in, it becomes flatter and a bit disheveled (I have to consistently fluff back up during the night). I still ordered a replacement recently because my neck does not hurt in the morning when I sleep on this.

  • Connie Cranford

    These pillows are wonderful. I was looking for some like I had at the MGM Park in Vegas. I’m not sure these are the same but if not, very close! I sleep side and back and they are great for both.

  • Yolanda

    Stayed at a hotel in Vegas last summer and kept thinking about these pillows. Ordered recently and they are just crazy good. Plush and full but squishy yet firm. Good for conforming to your neck. If you sleep on your side this is your perfect pillow.... but if you are on your back or stomach it’s great too. It’s a magic pillow. I think about this pillow during the day it’s so nice. Highly recommend!!

  • MB Strunk

    Very pleased with my purchase. I was looking for a good pillow for months .On vacation there were some awesome pillows(sobel) so I ordered some as soon as I got home. Good value.

  • Becci Bartz

    This is my second time to order. Our first two pillows finally could not be revived after a couple of years of use. My husband likes a flatter pillow, so I gave him mine and I ordered new. It's been a month and my new pillow is finally the way I like my pillow to be firm but not too high. The first month was a little uncomfortable, not like my first one, where I was able to sleep perfectly the first night of use. All in all, I am still very happy with my purchases.

  • Tim Myers

    Disappointed. Had purchased 4 standard size sobel style in the past...overtime they wore out...To be expected ...and this time was looking for something a bit more firm, hoping they would maintain firmness longer...haven’t had a good night sleep with the new pillows since getting them and switched back to our worn down sobel style. The standard size sobel withheld shape and comfort for years...less than a month and the new pillows don’t seem to uphold the form overnight.

  • Betty D

    Love these pillows....Stayed at the Tropicana AC and had to find out where I could purchase them.

  • Erwin n Maria

    Been looking this kind of pillow my wife and I stayed at Peppermill hotel they have same pillows but different styles soon as we got home order it arrived one day early great pillows will be buying again

  • Patricia Johnson

    I also stayed at the Tropicana Hotel in Atlantc City, NJ. I couldn't wait to order these pillows.
    They are amazing.

  • dionisia

    Stayed at Tropicana hotel and they carried these pillows. First thing we did when arriving back home is ordered the pillows.....the most amazing pillows ever slept like a baby all night! Would recommend

  • JandL

    Stayed at Tropicana hotel and they carried these pillows......the most amazing pillows ever slept like a baby all night! Would recommend

  • Bonnie

    Stayed at the Luxor in Las Vegas the week of Aug 20, 2013. This is the BEST pillow ever. So comfortable and cool. Slept like a baby.

  • Bob Schaffer

    I recently stayed at the Tropicana Hotel in Atlantic City NJ for three nights and slept on a bed that had your pillows. It was the best sleep I had in a long time because of the pillows . I've been searching for a good pillow for sometime. I soon as I arrived back home I ordered the same pillows. Thanks for making such a great product. 11/2014.

  • Cherry Cooper

    I vacationed at New York-New York Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas this past week and these pillows are GREAT!!! I took a picture of the tag so I could order them as soon as I got home. I'm placing my order now. These pillows conform to you like none other. I slept like a new born baby for a week. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

  • Von

    My wife and I stayed at The Monte Carlo in Vegas a couple days ago. We feel in love with the pillows. We even fought who had the most pillows.lol. We just ordered some for our bedroom as well for our kids.

  • Dino

    My Wife and I stayed at The Monte Carlo in Vegas this May. Never slept so well on a pillow. Ordered two just days after our trip. Thankyou

  • Pam

    My husband and I stayed at the Monte Carlo in April of this year and I fell in love with these pillows. I didn't want to get out of bed! I took a picture of the tag with my iphone and I am ordering some for at home today. Never slept better in my whole life! Awesome pillows and reasonably priced too.

  • CJ

    Thank you for making the Dolce Note pillow .... found these at the Monte Carlo in Vegas .... finally bought them for my home ... AMAZING!! I used to suffer from stiff neck, headaches, tight back, and tossing n turning all night .... but no more, they say the trick is a great pillow and that is so true... I can finally sleep in peace ... again, THANK YOU!!!

  • Cindy

    We just got home from a stay at the Excalibur in Las Vegas, I took my pillow but never needed it I had the best night sleep in years. I am fused at C5/C6 and constantly battle a sore neck. I was so tired the first night well one because of vegas and nobody sleeps, but went to bed and slept on the best pillow ever. I came home and ordered two.

  • Wima

    Stayed at the Disney Art of Animation Resort with my family and these pillows are AMAZING!!! The best sleep I've had in a very long time. Took a picture of the tag and when we got home I ordered four of them. Best pillows I have ever bought!!!

  • Slept better then ever!

    Stayed at the Monte Carlo hotel from 2/27 to 3/4/2014 and these pillows were like heaven. So comfortable on my neck. That before we left I had checked the tags on the pillows and went online and order four of them. Best sleep I had in a long time!

  • J. S.

    We also stayed at the excalibur 1/21/2014. My husband said he really liked the pillows and slept so comfortably on them. I also noticed a major improvement on my neck. I have a hard time sleeping on any other pillow but my own pillow at home --but this dolce notte is truley amazing. Really loved it . Neck was not sore - it in fact improved any soreness that I already had. We also ordered two when we got home in Minnesota. Thank you

  • Elizabeth

    I, like so many others here slept on these pillows in Las Vegas. I thought it was silly to love these pillows so much but I see others do as well. I have tried so many kinds trying to find the right fit for my side sleeping habits and this was perfect. I ordered 2 of them before I even left Vegas!

  • Florence Eileen Orr

    I was very impressed with our pillows. They were like old friends the first time we used them.

  • Shawn

    I just came from staying at a hotel and they had these pillows...my husband and I loved them....best sleep I had in years..I had to come back home and look them up on line..I am definitely ordering one.

  • Will and Nikki

    We stayed at the Tropicana Hotel/Casino and after sleeping just one night with these pillows we became instantly hooked and had to purchase. Some of the best pillows ever made, hands down ! Bye, we're going to sleep :-)

  • Margot

    I just stayed at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas and loved the pillows so much, I took a picture of the tag so I could order them when I got home. It's so hard to find a good pillow, and I actually slept through the night on my back with this pillow (I'm usually a stomach sleeper). Excited to receive these pillows!

  • Shelly

    After a recent stay at Disney's Pop Century I feel in love with pillows we slept on. I've never slept better, I ordered 2 today I can't wait to get them. I will be ordering more soon.

  • Cindy

    We just recently stay at the NYNY in Las Vegas. We so much loved the pillows, my husband said right away look at the tag". I'm ordering 4 tonight. They are awesome pillows!! Thank you!"

  • Tien Maier

    So I usually dont write many reviews but if its something I LOVE from experience I like to give credit to the company that does such amazing work. My husband and I was gifted a night stay at World Mark in Santa Fe. The pillows are defiantly amazing and very comfortable. I am a very picky person in regards to pillows and you can even ask my husband. I am definitely buying this brand for LIFE! and for the use of our Spa Business.

  • MAY

    After staying at the Monte Carlo in Vegas we ordered these pillows. Just received them yesterday, and finally had a good nights sleep just like our stay at the MonteCarlo. Great pillow no matter what position you sleep in.

  • Jacqueline Doran

    My husband and I, spent the night at the Tropicana hotel and casino in NJ. When I layer down on the pillows I immediately checked the tag to find out who makes them. Later that night my husband told me to check the label so we can buy them. We just ordered 6. I can't wait to put them on our bed.

  • Peg

    We just stayed at Coronado Springs Resort in Disney. Had to have the pillows, what a great nights sleep. We ordered 3, one for each of us. Can not wait to sleep on them tonight. Orderd on 12/26 they were delivered today 01/13

  • Donna

    I just stayed at NYNY Las Vegas...I never have paid attention to a pillow anywhere I have stayed! The second day I started looking at what kind of pillows they were because they were so wonderful to sleep on. Wrote the name and web site down...I didn't think about taking a picture on my phone :) I ordered 6 when I got home. I absolutely love the way these feel...I can't describe how wonderful they are. My sister and cousin ordered and my friend is ordering some. Thanks for great pillows!